Trial Team Feedback

HELL, we dont want Arena. Min or MAXXXXXXX.

It worked fine, then it got “fixed” and isnt worth doing.

Challenges worked fine, but for some reason (known only to the gods of dead pantheons) it needed “fixing” and became Trials. Complete garbage and not worth spending time on.


Adana’s Trial Hints:

Destroy Bomb Gems to detonate a large area of the Board and earn Mana.

Clockwork Sphinx
Adana Banner


Tankbot 2000
Steam Turret
Adana Banner

Imagine hinting that Bomb Gems matter, but only one troop out of 8 have Bomb Gems.

Maybe just completely drop the hints for every kingdom and create better teams without forced themes.


Two phrases are very accurate here – “sunk costs” and “fail faster”.

Meh, it’s safe to run Tier 1 and maybe 2, sometimes even 3 but by then enemies are already climbing above the player’s Lv.20 cap which puts you at increasing disadvantage per tier, and even then, if you do try then don’t commit to actually beating the tier – your sanity will thank you.

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My god this is the tip tier comedy content right there

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As of the current moment, the epic trials just beats you with raw numbers or it takes an incredibly ludicrous amount of time to even beat them. Considering these are also suppose to be a weekly activity, one suggestion is to lower the levels even from where they are. Only incrementing them by 20. i.e. level 220-300 so that at least one of the cause of frustration is lessened while also still providing some level of challenge.

Then comes the real major issue is team compositions between the player vs AI. There is a great disparity between them as not only does it seem intentionally designed to make your team barely functional, but also stacking the odds against you with the AI having a team that either counters your team, stall the fight to a stalmate for ungodly amount of time than even should be, or both. Will have to touch on this later with revised team that I may provide for both player and AI teams.

To anyone else bothering reading this, they are simply asking if we can provide perhaps a better team composition for either side. Although this should’ve been handled on their end way before it even came close to being an “update”.


Gems of War isn’t supposed to be a souls like game. If you can break perfectly functional game modes like Arena and challenges with “improved game experiences”. Then you can just as easily unbreak them.
Trials makes the Arena look good. Hopefully the overwhelming negative feedback will be heard. People don’t like change… This is true… But people absolutely hate dumb change and Trials are a dumb change. @Nimhain


Let me tell you about my Feature Request to switch the player/opponent team of the Pan’s Vale trial next week. It’s a configuration change that should only take a few minutes, it would prevent another generous amount of overwhelming negative feedback once the trial in its current form goes live. That Feature Request hasn’t even been acknowledged, it will likely remain ignored forever.

There’s nobody around to hear our feedback. Why listen when you can just pretend everything is beyond fantastic?


This is from someone in my guild:

In general, I don’t like “challenges” where the “strategy” is that you have to keep trying until one day you get really lucky. That’s not a strategy.

(And for this week, the trial really rubs your face in the fact that you wouldn’t be able to win if the AI didn’t just let you - Aziris creates skulls in random locations, but like 80% of the time it could have made a skull match and hit you with it.)


If they played, they’d realize that the strategy in the game isn’t the gems dropping from the sky - That’s the RNG. The strategy is team building.

What would be better is they let you select from the entire kingdom and allow you to create a team with text like, “A lot of Khetar troops can create skulls and do massive skull damage, so try to put together a team that based around those”. And then you can choose to or not use said team.


The problem is that this conflicts with their monetization approach, which will always have priority. If you are able to pick from the troops you own, the 500 gems offer to buy those troops no longer makes sense. If you are able to pick any troops of the kingdom, whether you own them or not, you can be dead sure they won’t want to offer you those for just 500 (or even 10000) gems. I suspect removing the purchase offer is entirely out of scope, and is even considered a topic they will never comment on.


If the goal is to make us use teams according to the kingdom theme, why not simply give us the option to create our own team, restricted to troops, hero class and weapons of that particular kingdom. The provided team for Khetar is just total crap and I doubt if any of the devs has actually managed to beat level 350 using this team (without cheating!!)

Some of the issues with the provided team:

  • No mana generator.

  • Only 1 troop that can directly attack AI’s Keeper of Souls, which you will have to take out 1st to prevent near 100% chance of summoning a Wight.

  • War Spinx constantly reshuffling the board and 99% change of getting at least 1 skull combo after that.

Congrats to devs for creating something that’s even worse than Arena, something I thought would never be possible.


That only applies to the lower levels though. I (and I’m sure everyone else who’s got the epic trials) have them all, so there’s nothing to buy. I would actually have bought the Vulpphire Hunter last week, but was not given the option. Granted, I do not have the troops from Khetar at mythic level, but since the one I do have at mythic dies in 1 hit from Alistair anyway, I see no point in wasting orbs on them - and I wouldn’t waste them on a troop I am only ever going to use once for a contrived “trial” So, what’s the motivation for the epic trials? If they want us to blow money on the pets, they’d have to make it so we can win at least 1, lmao.


Unfortunately, the team setup rules work the same for all trials, the standard and the epic ones, so there’s zero wiggle space there.

Truth be told - I don’t even know what 500 gem offer you’re talking about, but I also have all the troops in the game, so…

If you play trials 1 - 10, you get offered the team you played with for 500 gems. Which is also the reason why none of the teams are allowed to contain any mythic or special troops.

Oh, I completed all of that when they were challenges.
That said, if that’s the case, then why not just allow for all to be used during the epic trials?
Either way, there’s ways they can still monetize this without making the epic trials pure madness.


Because standard trials and epic trials are hard coded to behave the same in regards to which team you can use.

Yeah, I get that. But it’s possible to make them not.


Unfortunately it’s not. They may possibly allow for configurations to get changed a little (e.g. by switching out one low rarity troop for a different one in the preset teams), anything that requires changes to the coding is out of scope. There’s some older official post about that, no matter how much negative feedback they get about a game mode, coding changes will only happen as part of the regular rework a few years later. Trials was the regular rework of challenges, that puts the bar somewhere in 2026 or later.

This ain’t your fault, but that’s a garbage answer.