Challenges vs Trial

The Trials meant to resolve the problem noone ever knew existing - lack of ‘kingdom’ presence in the game. Normally you pickup a killing squad somewhere somehow and obliterate all the challenges in any kingdom. Now you have to scratch those 238942199 HP/armor enemies with some poorest things ever. Luckely Vulpacea has a looping troop which makes this one quite simple. I’m afraid other kingdoms won’t be that lucky.

By trying to make challenges more about kingdom troops, there must be a limiter similar to World events. “You can beat challenges with troops from this kingdom only”. Sounds much better AND gives somewhat to extend. Not a great idea neither, but still much better than locking on a premade team with no clear idea or concept.

Whole idea of trials is bad as noone ever asked for that. But since we’re here, maybe dev could listen to adjustments at least.


There is a thing such as a backup, I say; REVERT
Then fix all the issues with trials and rerelease it as a SEPERATE mode.

Having it replace challenges nuked progress which is no way to treat your customers.


name things GOW devs reverted once they’ve got negative feedback, ever


Maybe they will get a grip of this when everyone floods the forums with complaints?

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Would I make a mistake then yes I would.

You are not a game devs, then! :smiley:

Thats right, I’m a documentary maker of history, symbology and etymology.

Cool (actually, not sarcastically).

Hey, you could make a history documentary about all the bugs, mistakes, design fails, disregard for the players and all those shenanigans by the devs. They seem to forget that every time.

Might be a bit much to research, though, with how much of this there is.

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Trials, especially epic trials, meant to be another gem sink.

But a) Kingdom Team Bonus is nice and all, but we seldom use full kingdom teams (usually only if we’re forced to)
b) they made it so tedious that many players will not even attempt to finish them all - so they also won’t spend the gems


Making a documentary about that would take me a year of research alone. Too many bugs.

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They reverted the Sunspear change. We’ve been paying for it since forever…

Yes, for sure. Tons of research that you’d need to do. :sweat_smile:

Trials are not a good update

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after the first battle of the trial i got an offer to give 1.000.000 diamonds for a “common” troop. wtf

even the troop is only common but 1.000.000???

Totally agree, trial mode is stupid and frustrating and annoying and slow (and I hate it).
This is the second revamp of this game area since I started, while devs still haven’t touched treasure hunt!!!
Get in touch devs!
A limit on the troops for kingdom challenges is (maybe) a viable excuse. But supposedly teaching some game idea at level 200 difficulty is just . . . dumb.


If THEY said they did play their own game, no one knows the truth. But now, everyone knows the truth!


None!! Ever.

You MUST be kidding

These trials are the first thing that have ever made me think about just quitting the game. That is significant for two reasons. 1) Wanting to quit a game you have spent money on is a big deal, sunk cost fallacy and all that. 2) I didn’t even care about challenges which is why I have so many not done even though I have been playing a long time.

So now I feel like I’ve been robbed out of something I never cared about. Great job devs. lol Not many teams could pull that off. It’s that bad though. It really is. Epic bad. Here’s the issue (I’m gonna pretend the team isn’t just gonna wave this off):

A significant amount of kingdoms have no viable win condition just at level 200, nevermind the epic. How did this get past testing? Oh haha testing. That’s never a thing, is it? That fact of no possible win condition, makes me angry enough to quit the game. Not because I care about the mode but because it shows the team has no respect for their own game so why should I?

Having been around this game awhile, I’m gonna see what they do, but man… This is bad. You cannot just throw together rando kingdom teams without actually PLAYING your game and knowing how it works. STOP it already. Also, fix problems instead of fixing “not problems” by breaking the game. FFS


I wouldn’t have an issue being limited to the kingdom troops. But the teams that have been assembled for my use are absolutely horrid, demonstrating that the devs do not (nor care to) play their own game. Allow players to modify the teams limited to what they possess of the kingdom characters. Include the weapons for the kingdom in the same manner so that the players hero can be on the team. This would be far more reasonable than what has been rammed down our throats.