Trial Team Feedback

I’d also have to ask why Priestess of Light instead of just Priestess? Armor to an ally of choice PLUS Barrier.


While both characters fall into that pile labeled “POS! DO NOT USE!” I must agree Priestess would have been a superior option.

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Disagree. Priestess of Light lets you collect some of the giant gems that the Topaz Giant puts out, and was a huge mana generator. Priestess would have been weaker.

In all 5 of my fights the board was consistently overpopulated with purple gems, despite trying to match them and get them off the board

Oftentimes it feels like theres a gem storm in effect when there isnt, i had an invisible Darkstorm active making it virtually impossible to cast the giant. Either give yellow giant gems to the 2 Life Stealers(1 of which drains mana) with their +2 Yellow Banner or just dont cast. I’m not sure how i could have turned Priestess into a mana generator considering im only destroying 8? gems at a time. Every little bit helps i guess…My priestess only helped me in the last battle when all i could do was cast her as my last troop to reapply barrier to skull down the last enemy.

In a scenario where your main damage dealer(s) are boosted by Armor, only a fool would leave it to random chance to buff those troop(s). This is not good team building and for the majority of the community its more of a struggle than it should be and considering they keep changing the teams it shouod be ovvious to everyone it was designed poorly.


Exactly, plus the Barrier helps maintain that Armor (plus block True Damage). Even “Barrier the first Ally” is typically better than “Barrier a random Ally”.


Amen to that. The rando priestess of light was like playing russian roulette. Might help, might not. Might die faster, might not. Like i sId taking the randomness out of the target and applyijg it to the gem grid would be better. You never know if you’ll get a boost for her, but at least the target of choice would be better protected. The original priestess takes less mana to use and with barrier added into it drastically props the paladin to dish out damage longer and harder .

That might work at lower levels, or if you yourself are very high level, or very lucky. As a rule of thumb, casting the giant = charging up the enemies true damage dealers and thus precipitating the end of the battle, but not in the way the player would like :rofl: A troop that uses less mana and thus charges up faster anyway, without risking charging up the enemy team, and which allows you to control who you buff is definitely the better option.


Another terrible team that looks like someone pulled it out of a hat for Pridelands.
The ruby giant - why must we always have these stupid troops that charge up the enemy? Two red troops on our team, one of which is the ruby giant, 3 on the enemy team, all damage dealers. The only useful troop on our team does not use red.
Behemoth - the only damage dealer - damage to all, meaning we are relying on skull damage
Spiritmane, who gives attack and magic to an ally, and double if raksha - however, we only have one other raksha
Second Claw Anhur - who buffs allies above and below respectively.

Since behemoth is the only damage dealer, that basically means we have to buff only that troop, making the + attack wasted or the + magic wasted, if we buff Second claw.

Meanwhile, the enemy has 3 single target damage dealers, a controlled skull generator and a half decent mana generator, which creates wildcards on gem matches as opposed to “on getting skull damage” and gains an extra turn.

With two troops on our team that give + magic, having Sekhma on our team would have made a bit of sense, and ofc Leocorn is vastly preferable to the stupid giant.

Can we at least be honest and scrap the pretence of teaching anyone anything and call a spade a spade, i.e. “play with a nonsense team and get annoyed”

PS- I cannot win even the first epic battle - not even close. Waste of time.


Rakshanin 1 shots my troops and i have like 90k renown and all kingdoms at 20.

This is a joke right?


Since his damage is boosted by your life, he’s worse the higher your stats are. He doesn’t one shot mine, but 2 hits from anyone on any troop and I’m toast. With their attack versus any of mine’s armor and life, it’s also over if Sekhma gets to cast at all.

Sorry to hear you guys are having a rough time. The player and enemy teams for these trials are made with no thought or consideration.

Its a shame for Raksha though. There really is nice synergy with the troops in pridelands, but the devs fail to see it. Shadow hunter would have taught new players how they could beat higher level content with boost ratios based off the enemy team.


Wow yea Rakshanin is just 1 shotting my entire team. That troop needs to be removed.


You can remove it. I used Claw up front, buffed by Spiritmane.

Another crap trial I’ve suffered through to beat. If I weren’t so pet starved (as intended by the devs) I wouldn’t bother with this trash.


This is readily apparent to the blind person in the corner playing by braille!

There is no intended teaching here. The lack of effort put forth in deveoping teams is staggering.


Sure you can remove it, if you survive that long. Then you still have to get rid of the other two hitters they have. The point is, this isn’t “fun” for the vast majority of people, even if they do manage to complete the battles after investing hours of boredom and frustration.


Wait, wuuut?

We just had these epic trials last week on Switch and the teams were different from what you describe:

Hero team: Mumakus, Behemoth, Second Claw Anhur, Troubadour

Enemy team: Behemoth, Finley, Shadow Hunter, Sabertooth Lion*

It was a hard, but fair challenge to win. Hard to believe the devs would change both teams for the worse on other platforms.

*Not 100% sure on this last troop, but I think this is correct.

EDIT: Nevermind, based on the weekly post it appears that’s exactly what they did. Sorry y’all, they fixed something that wasn’t broke in this case.


Their reworks don’t seem to be any better than the originals half the time (Bright forest, lol), and now they’ve topped that by making them worse. The mind boggles. Maybe they are getting a badly programmed AI to do it or something.

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Can’t be careful enough to not get handed a forum ban due to “critique” on the “moderation squad” and about how (“successful”) they’re performing their jobs.

But I have to ask:
Was the creation of this forum topic due to “real interest” or just as “red herring”? @Kafka


Such a strange decision. The Switch version was better IMO.