Treasure Map study: sprint vs. careful play

Here’s a research study I’d like one or more players to perform:

  1. Note your current supplies of gold, glory, souls, gems, keys, and magic keys.

  2. Without playing other game modes (or collecting tribute from home kingdom) sprint through 20 maps by making matches as fast as the UI will allow. Do grab 4-5 of a kind if you see it but spend no time actually scanning while the UI is just sitting there waiting for you. As soon as gems stop falling is when you make your next match.

Take breaks as needed but note the total amount of game time this takes. Go for more than 20 if you can handle it. :smile:

  1. Note total returns in gold, glory, souls, gems, keys, and magic keys (hah) compared to where you started.

  2. Next, take a new baseline count of gold etc and use the SAME amount of time your above sprint took to play maps “well”. Note how many maps you complete, and your total returns. Remember not to collect tributes until done. (Or take careful note of what you get and subtract them from your map earnings.)

  3. Compare!


I had a response there in the thread and you deleted your post and shifted it here! Or the forum glitched. One of the two.

I’d do this, basically right now, if it weren’t for the fact that the maps are about to change in the patch. Shifting numbers will devalue the effort. Plus they might be better after and therefore using them now might be unwise. Either way, will totally do it after.

Yeah I moved it because it would’ve been a significant topic-shift on the prior thread (high scores).

Great point about map returns being about to change. So yeah let’s wait. I may even have enough maps saved up by then to do a run of this myself.

/bump to this now that 1.0.8 is live.

I have enough maps now so I’m going to start a run of this myself, and will report back. Hope others will too!

I am just necroing things that people may have forgotten about to restart conversations that might be interesting.

How about you don’t do that then?

Necroing a thread because you have something new to say may be ok, somehow. But if you don’t have anything new to say, it is just pointless. Even more so when some of these threads already have newer active threads about the same or a similar topic.