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Does anyone actually use treasure maps?

I just looked in my inventory out of curiosity. I have almost 2000 maps. I just can’t bear to sit there and use them, for what’s always a seemingly minuscule payoff.

I know this is a recurring topic from time to time. I almost wish there was a way to “trade in” or maybe use them as a forging material to get something more worthwhile.


Pros: The music

Cons: time vs reward

I don’t play it often. Only when you need 1, 60 turn run for campaigns.

Almost 20k maps in the pile.

Balance rewards and I would probably play it, as I said above, the music is soothing and nice to zone out to.


I have close to 30k maps, despite the fact that I play some every day.

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I have exactly 14,872 maps.

There is no “pro” for me because I have all game sounds turned off.

The only thing I use them for is campaigns when the tasks pops up. The rewards are useless otherwise.


I’ll happily play 1-3 rounds of TH per week. Arena on the other hand :pleading_face::gun:

Treasure Chests” would be a nice option.
Also I’m looking forward to " Open 1000 chests" button for gold chests :slight_smile:

I initially got into GoW only because of treasure hunts. I loved that mini game. Then I eventually clued in at how RNG heavy it is and lost interest, but by then already played the rest of GoW so here I am.

For curiousity sake, I started tracking how to optimize gems per hour in treasure hunts. My data is way too low to conclude definitely, but so far seems the best strat is no strat, just play ASAP. No strategy. Dont think. Just gogogo. I am averaging 100 gems/hour like this. If I strategize, although I can get more gems per run, its less gems per hour, so far only half a speed run. And the number of maps isn’t an issue so it’s only time that needs to be optimized.

I will probably post this once I get more timed runs in to say for sure.


My least favourite part of the game I have over 60k and play at least one a day just because. I would trade them for almost anything :moneybag:

I agree, I only use them when asked to achieve a campaign task. Otherwise, just stacking them up. I wish they would allow to forge something with them instead, or trade them for something, even with a really bad exchange rate, or (that one would actually be great) getting a new kind of chest, to be opened exclusively with treasure maps.


Is there a way to burn these maps? I can trade it for writs. 10 maps = 1 writ