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Treasure Maps - The mini game of GoW

For those who enjoy maps. I’m happy for you. Hell I even enjoyed them when I first started playing. They were a great transition from playing Candy Crush for years to Gems of War.
But once I actually figured out the game play loop for GoW I quickly started to see treasure hunts as nothing but a time sink.
Please for the love of Sirrian… rethink this idea of making Campaign Tasks linked to Treasure Hunts. They are a nice mini game for those who enjoy it. But they should not be linked with anything actually progress related. If I choose to buy the Elite + Pass…I should be able to use the Artifact bonus in any task related to Campaigns. Those bonus stats won’t help with treasure hunts what so ever.
So though it may be too late for 5.0
I think it’s a reasonable request for 5.5


Counterproposal: a treasure hunt mode that takes 10 maps per play, but awards the following items instead:

Gold, glory, jewel shards, writs, random forge scrolls, random deeds

(In the same ordering as current rewards, i.e. you can only get gold from bronze coins and you have to create vaults to have a shot at deeds.)


Counter-counter-proposal: introduce a new type of Treasure Map – “Epic”/“Otherworldly”/“Imbued with magic powers” Maps, that reward the above things, maybe Vault Keys too :stuck_out_tongue:. And Tokens? Idk, have fun with it.

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there’s an option to skip task for gems…
either sink time or sink gems…

but, apart from that, TH might need a rework of rewards system… maybe instead of dropping keys, higher level chests should drop tokens (which would be exchanageable for writs/deeds/other stuff in “Tresure Hunter shop”)
soo… instead of keys, you would get, let’s say: “gem dust”, which for some reason one guy is buying and is happy to offer you various stuff (gems, writs, deeds, other staff)

let’s say that guy changes what he has to offer every now and then…


Honestly, that’s another reasonable way to manage the flow of resources, and is essentially like the Adventure Board – you can only get as many Deeds as show up, for example. You’d just have to make sure you have enough Gem Dust for when “X” comes around (thing you want).


Part of the goal is probably to have people perform suboptimal tasks to slow down gold acquisition.


I hate Treasure Hunt, mainly because the mechanics work differently than the rest of the game but also because of the underwhelming rewards for the time. I know some enjoy it, and each to your own. However for those of us that want to pull our eyeballs out when we see Treasure Hunt tasks (snotstone task weeks where it was treasure hunt turns I’m talking about you lol) what rewards would entice you to play? I’ve seen a fair few polls from @awryan so maybe we could get a poll up.

We’ve got to remember, lots of mid and end gamers have hundreds of thousands of maps gathering dust, and ‘breaking the economy’ is bound to pop up, so small is better here.

1 poxy writ would make me consider suffering a TH, heck a chaos shard, a low rarety explore token that kind of thing.

Obviously we would love deeds in there, but I don’t see that happening or all those with stacks of maps would be grinding out TH to get kingdoms max level. Let’s give the devs some ideas on how to make TH better fit the very different game we have now to 4 years ago

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The devs have mountains and mountains of feedback in regards to what players would like from Treasure Hunts or what needs to be changed. It’s just low on their priority list to make any adjustments. Which is fine… So long as they don’t force their player base to remind ourselves how much Treasure Hunts suck.
Either they want us to be patient for changes and not require us to use gems to skip the task this enflaming our dislike for it. Nor force us to play something that they know sucks ass. Basically it’s 100% a troll on their end. And if they are going to continue to include new ways to make money in every patch. Then I’m going to insist that they be more professional and not try to irritate their customers. (even if it makes them laugh.)

I suggested this once before in a random thread, but I think since there are now treasure troops in the game you should definitely be finding one as a reward for treasure hunt. The rarity of the treasure troop could be decided part by RNG and part by the number of moves you complete. More moves would increase your chances of higher rarity treasure troop and maybe eliminate the lower rarity ones as an option (similar to how seals and guild keys work in that respect).

As an alternate idea, let us transmute our unwanted treasure maps directly into treasure troops in the soulforge. 500 maps + 500 souls gets me a sacred treasure? Deal!

Note: I enjoy the gameplay mechanic of treasure hunt and am glad it is different from the rest of the game. That being said, at this point I really only want to do about 5-10 a week tops, that’s all.

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My Ideas To Make Maps More Worth It Is Let You Forge Multiple Maps Together For Stronger Maps I.e 100-500 (Maybe Higher?) Maps Or so Gets You The Best Map Where The Top Rewards Are Stuff Like Orbs Of Chaos Or Imperial Deed And Higher Gem Amounts.

Or Let You Use Multiple Maps At One Time Like Maximum 10 Maps Or so Per Map And Get The Cumulative Rewards

My suggestion for Treasure Hunt as been:

You get a team of 4 gnomes (3 random + cedric). Each has a specific ability to convert X to Y or something like that. One use each - then they run away. This makes the mode more like the rest of the game; and lets the player have more control.

Also, let cascading 5 matches result in multiple extra moves rather than a single on.

Let maps be upgraded, similar to ingots … 10 common maps to an uncommon one. 10 for uncommon to rare etc… so It’d take like 100,000 to get a mythic treasure map. Even players who have been playing for years and years MIGHT be able to craft only one of those.

I was thinking something similar. Even if we could use maps to complete tasks for our guilds. or trade 100 maps for the glory troop of the week.

i think thats the theme here. we love using maps, we just want that love to get a reward that matches time spent playing any other mode.

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Suggestions for treasure maps aside I do agree. Putting tasks in the campaign that the vast majority of everyone doesn’t want to do is a terrible terrible idea.

Forcing people to do awful things in order to get bonus stats is gross.