Treasure map farming

I have farming and can get about 50 in about three hours… Is this good?

Do you mean burning (using) 50 Maps in 3 hours for resources like Gems, or gathering 50 Treasure Maps?

If the later, its time to stop that behavior.


no gathering them

I don’t know if it’s a lot to gather in that space of time unfortunately.

All I can say is that I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.


lol but i like free stuffs

plus i stream on Twitch… lets see how that goes shall we?

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It’s only free if you don’t consider your time valuable.


considering that i do it while i work does that count?

Ok. Over time as you continue to play you will collect more Treasure Maps than you can possibly use. I’m guessing your a newer player and if so, use them now they are considered a decent return (of resources) in the early game. Later, Treasure Maps reach almost zero value as you progress.

yeah ive only been playing for a few days… but im very proud of the way i manage to farm them of course i use Tyri im sure that parts obvious

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Maps can be fun, for sure. Good luck getting a high score (and some achievements)!

thanks… my current record is 97 turns on treasure hunt… so close to 100


Nice, my record is 124, I havent played maps a lot. I am sure you gonna get me soon. :grin:

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I like to play treasure maps, but I also think they are under-rated. On PS4 you can buy two diamond-packs daily consisting of ~100 diamonds (on Sundays ~300), for 200 gems. So I collect tributes and play maps to get that 200 gems / day. There is no better way to get gems. Playing 150+ turn games nets me also 20-50 gem keys per day, lots of glory and glory keys too. IMHO I get resources at the same speed as guild legendary tasks and I don’t have to stare at the lottery machine AI.

Here is an example of a “fast” treasure hunt with decent rewards

Sure, the main fact is that I like to play/grind/farm this game mode, but I also argue that it can be profitable even in later game.

Two examples more Multivault 2 - YouTube
Multivault 3 - YouTube


And to answer this topic :smiley: - Here is how I grind maps

DAMN that 1x animation speed looks slow! …once you get used to 4x LOL

yeah i basically grind 20 at a time on the same battle

i know i could get more souls by doing a different battle each time but generally i get more souls by using the treasure maps than i would from battles

I like a treasure map too, man. Stick with them and the gems will soon add up.

But I question the efficacy of grinding them. I tend to find they mysteriously turn up.

btw digging the Stephen with a ‘ph’

Nice videos but ONE gem for over 200 moves is horrendous!
OK, so you got 13 in the next one, crazy game!
Its about time TH was reworked, it’s a fun diversion and I’ll occasionally burn a few, usually when it’s a TH event. If you use looping and exploding troops you’ll find that maps accumulate fairly easily without having to farm.
Souls from th is a complete waste of time though, especially if you have Pharos-Ra, you can get over 600 from one explore battle, and over 350 without him. Souls and glory really shouldn’t be in vaults imo.

Made a new video on how I like to farm maps. The main focus is of course on how many times you cast Tyri / time. This was a lucky run, but that’s not important. It’s Tyri casts / min. Sure some other teams might be slightly better, but I’m already so used to this that I can’t change.

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