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Treasure Hunting much harder post 2.0

Ok, so I try to keep my “whining” at a minimum, but I feel I must ask this of the community:

“Has TH become ungodly hard since 2.0, or is RNGesus just crushing my hopes and dreams?”

Prior to 2.0 I could consistently run an average number of turns in the 80-100. That was my average with several games going well over 100, 154 moves was my max.

Since 2.0, I don’t think I’ve broken 80 once. My avg is closer to 40, I am noticeably getting less than 45 moves. Is this an actual change to the game mechanic to prevent beneficial drops or again is this the wrath of RNGesus??

Please help me confirm or dispute my suspicions.
Has TH gotten harder for you too?

Share your stories and theories here!

Thanks!!! :wink:

I don’t feel there was any change. I play it even less with the PvP changes.

For a week or so, I felt like it was less, but then I realized I just wasn’t focusing on it, and I was missing some match 5s. I’ve basically just been playing it when I hit PvP burnout, so at the same time, its when I have little interest in focus and quality play.

Currently, my only major confirmation bias event is that if I destroy most of a board with Carnex, it seems like no skulls drop. I can’t imagine they have a special don’t drop skull function for him, but dag-nab-it sure seems that way!


You seems really good. I get 20-30.

The drop system has not changed at all. The initial number of turns was reduced, which generally dropped the total number of turns by about 15-20%, so rewards were buffed an equivalent amount. (That is, fewer turns now give more rewards to make up for the average reduction.)

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@Mr.Strange Thanks for the reply.

The change you are referring to is from 15 to 8 moves, which happened several patches ago. I was playing TH consistently with 8 moves and attaining an avg move total of 80-100, since 2.0, I have been unable to break into the 80s at all.

But if nothing has changed then perhaps it is just RNGesus eating my lunch…

To support that point: I think I am now up to… 20 VIP keys now with only epics and stones!!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in the forums but I HATE random chests! :wink: lol :sob:

I just got 2 vaults today after about a dozen attempts since the move count was reduced to 8. My final was 127 moves. It’s harder, but still doable.

The later or your eyes have not adjusted to the mechanics fully yet. Welcome to the matrix.

I feel you OP, i sense the same. It’s rare to be over 100 moves these days whereas that ‘seemed’ to be much easier to attain a while ago (even with 8 starting moves).

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They gave you less turns overall but more rewards for those turns. This was done specifically bc players complained it took too long and wasn’t worth the rewards. The resources/hour is vastly higher now, even if you get fewer total matches.

Additionally, most people feel your best bet is to quickly play through maps b/c taking a long time to get 100+ moves and great rewards doesn’t give you as good of rewards as churning through a bunch for decent rewards.

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You pretty much summed up my feelings entirely