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Treasure Hunt small problem

Hellow, I noticed that for some time there is a problem with treasure hunt, namely, the point is made that the movements should get 5 traitstones and officially getting 4, maybe someone noticed the problem

5 ??

There is a known issue, where the first traitstone may not be displaying correcting when the game shows all the traitstones you’ve earned from a treasure hunt.

The game is rewarding them correctly, it just isn’t displaying them correctly.


thank you very much for fast answer :slight_smile:

I used to play a lot of treasure map to generate keys. Then they reduced the gem keys to 2 sometimes for 2 safes and still 2 for 3 safes. why bother playing it anymore? 250 moves gives you maybe sometimes 4 gem keys which will typically give you a berserker, a druid and a herdsman and something else - typically a rubbish stone. Very little difference between gold and glory keys, and gem keys have a very restricted list now.