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Treasure Hunt and Traitstones

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was expecting to get the number of traitstones I deserve from Treasure Hunt, but sometimes I’m getting less.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Seems random.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Further info
I’m not sure if I only get one traitstone “pop-up” for each kind, even if I’m getting more then one of the same traitstone, but I’d like to know if I got x2 of a certain traitstone.

This has happened to me many times. The game actually will tell you if you get duplicates: the message will read “Minor Magic Traitstone x2”. However, it also seems to like giving me only N-1 notifications when I earned N stones according to the final tally. This happens whether or not I touch my phone’s screen to advance to the next traitstone, but much more frequently when I do.

I can’t tell if the missing traitstone issue is merely a display error (most likely) or something more problematic.

I’m under the impression this happens when I get a Runic Traitstone. Maybe it counts as two?

Could you provide an end of the match screenshot?

You’re supposed to get 1 Traitstone per 15 moves manually made, so a final tally screenshot will tell you the exact amount of moves paired against the number of stones earned.

(For example, if it says 60 moves made, that’s 4 stones. If it’s 75 moves and you got 4 stones, that’s an error.)

That’s not the issue being described. If I made 47 moves, the end-of-map score screen will (correctly) say 3 traitstones earned. However, I will only receive notifications for, e.g., a minor wind traitstone and a major water traitstone. The identity of the third stone is a mystery, since I don’t keep track of my traitstone collection that closely.

Yup, Grundulum is right. I’m not so sure if I’m not getting the actual traitstone, or if I’m just not getting the pop-up telling what kind of gem it is.

If I tap the screen to clear the end of the map animation, then it seems to skip showing me the first traitstone earned. The first could also be more than one stone.

I look at the final summary screen and check my moves vs stones earned.

If I really want to see all the stones I earned, I watch the full animation at the end, so that I won’t skip over that first stone reward display.

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Ok, it seems like you figured out what is happening =)

I’ll have to play around with the timing on this. I know that sometimes I tap the screen before the first traitstone is presented, but I still “lose” one stone. If what you are saying is true, it appears that the game is registering my touch as a “skip this stone” command well in advance of there being anything on-screen I could be responding to.

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Touching the screen is not the cause of the missing notifications. I just completed a run where I should have earned 3 traitstones. I was told about one – a minor nature stone – before being shown the score screen. I didn’t touch the screen at all after making my last move

Edit: this is on iOS

Experiencing the same on Android and Steam - even when not touching the screen at all, it seems to sometimes show one less stone than the correct total shown in the final summary.

I just did a diff-by-hand test. I should have been awarded three traitstones, but only got notifications about two. Lo and behold, when I visited my collection I had an extra Minor Water Traitstone that somehow appeared in my collection.

So it appears, like most rewards-related bugs in the game, that the traitstones are actually awarded correctly. We just don’t get to see which traitstones those are.

@Sirrian : any ideas what might be happening?

Edit: I just did my test again. Again, I was missing one traitstone, and again it was a Minor Water. Coincidence? Perhaps. I’ll give it a few more tries when I have time to see if I’m onto something.


I sometimes had the impression that at least one traitstone notification was missing. Until now I thought I was inattentive ^^

Third time since I started counting my collection that this has happened, and the third time I received a mystery Minor Water Traitstone. I think that there is something wrong here, and it appears to be reproducible.

Edit: four times. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice detective work!

I wonder if it happens whenever there is a minor water stone involved.
(I can’t test right now - @nimhain and myself are in San Francisco at the Game Developers’ Conference. But we’ll add it to the issue database for testing)

What’s interesting is that the minor water traitstone has and ID of 0… so it may be missing either misisng the FIRST stone in the reward list, OR what I think is MORE likely is it may be missing all stones with id ZERO, since in coding, the number ZERO if treated as “FALSE”…


See, this is why I use Fortran. Arrays start at index 1, like God intended.

(I look forward to hearing more when you get a chance to do some deeper digging.)

My experience so far appears to be consistent with the Minor Water theory, probably combined with a few times not noticing the little “x2” that appears when you get 2 of the exact same stone.

I’m just curious-- this appears to still be happening. Did it ever get addressed, or confirmed, or anything? Did I miss another thread discussing it? If so, sorry.


Rng has given me mostly red stones, it might be user bias.