Treasure maps suggestion



I love treasure maps farming. But I find two things very annoying.

  • No moves counter - plenty of place is used for rewards display and such simple life quality improvement is missing. Sometimes I would like to know how close to the next traitstone I am.

  • Traitstone not displaying after finishing the map - I often see just some traitstones - for example I made 60 moves (4 stones) and the game is showing me 3 of them. Maybe instead of animation of gem we can see just simple summary (like after opening the chests). I think it will also speed up the game.

Dear devs please think about it.


This has definitely been suggested before, but I’m not sure if the devs see TH as a high priority right now. At the moment I’m pretty sure they’re working on version 2.0 with more improvements to PvP and whatnot (from what I’ve heard).

But they have been known to surprise us… :wink: you just never know with those peeps.


i’ve seen else where that the missing trait stone is probably a minor blue.

also make sure you dont miss the x2 or x3 next to a trait stone :slight_smile:


I can confirm that minor water traitstones do not appear after treasure maps. Sirrian said it was an issue with the ID integer of that stone evaluating as “false” due to a quirk of coding.