Treasure Hunt needs to be updated

Treasure Hunt is basically redundant after level 700-800 unless you need 2-3 gems for something. I suggest having a couple different options on it.
Have levels similar to the ingots.
Common 1 map is like it is now (for lower level players who don’t have a lot of maps)
Rare (1-5 maps) where we can multiply rewards by say 10% and a 10% chance to get common ingots
Ultra-Rare (6-10 maps) with a multiplier of 25% and a 25% chance to get common ingots
Legendary (10-15 maps) with a 33% multiplier and maybe a 10 % chance to get Cursed Rune Stones
Mythic (15-20 maps) with a 40% multiplier and a 10% chance to get Dragonite.

Just a suggestion. I’m sure there are other ways it could get updated to make it more relevant to mid game and late game players. Many of whom have thousands of maps in our inventory because Treasure Hunt is just not worth doing


I would actually do the Legendary and Mythic levels. I have 12,393 Maps


When treasure hunt was introduced, the rewards were considered valuable. Then it became increasingly irrelevant.
When treasure hunt started rewarding traitstones, it became a thing, players were doing again. Then it wasn’t.

What makes you think, your suggested rewards will be any different within a year?


Yeah, it would make it worth the while

In that time it might need to be updated again, especially if they come out with other things. What I am suggesting is an update that would make it relevant now


I “only” have 15,000+ Maps. I’m sure other people have many more.

This still massively advantages EndGame players.


I strongly agree with this I’m almost level 500 and have over 15k treasure maps.

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I have no opinion on the types of rewards this mode pays out, but I would kind of more like to see some improvements to the play of the mode itself.

For example, you know how Tyri is the mascot for this mode specifically? How about:

  • At any time during a Treasure Hunt run, you can spend 1 Map to cast a spell that collects all of a selected coin type (copper, silver, gold) early.
  • You cannot collect higher-value tiles (moneybags, chests, etc.) using this spell, only the single-coin tiles. Otherwise a run could potentially go on forever.
  • The spellcast also consumes a turn from the timer, so you should probably wait for an opportune arrangement such that casting can trigger a match of 4 or more tiles.

Another idea: “Epic” Treasure Hunts (analogous to Epic Vault Keys):

  • You can spend multiple maps (say, 5?) to add a new rank of tile to the reward ladder (above money safe), and money safe tiles also become movable like other tiles are.
  • Because getting a money safe is itself rather difficult (about 60 moves for 1 safe), this would probably need to be combined with something like the above spell idea to assist in achieving the longer runs.
  • The new tile (what would it be? jewel safe? dragon cache?) would have a drop table starting with Glory/Gem keys and including rarer resource types (writs?).
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People actually still play this?!

When i first started playing GOW, i was playing it. It didnt take me long to lose interest, and stop playing. The rewards weren’t great and seemed a waste of time, compared to other areas of GOW that had better value. If they revamped it and the rewards were decent, id probably look at it again. Until then it’ll stay in the forgotten pile. Jmo.