Treasure map Mode

try the treasure map mode with new content, e.g. as in exploration levels 1-12 pls


I agree - there should be accomplishments that improve your rewards. Like say do 60+ moves and then you get 10% more rewards, then shoot for 120 moves and another 10%, etc. Or Get improved items from Chests/Vaults - maybe add in shards and Jewels/diamonds and eventually dragonite.


I like Treasure Hunt in short bursts, but it definitely needs some updates. Like how campaigns introduced new Gem types that can really change a battle around, Treasure Hunt could REALLY stand to benefit from some upgrades to the basic gameplay.

Here’s a compiled list of my personal ideas for improving the mode:

Ability to spend extra Maps for a flat rewards multiplier:

  • Just like the stat multiplier available with (most) event modes
  • A normal run (1x rewards) is the usual 1 Map, but you can spend +1, +2, or +4 extra maps to boost the multiplier by 0.5x per map (up to a total of 3x, at 5 maps total).
  • While this is technically less cost-effective per map, it’s also more cost-effective per time spent actually playing the mode.

Ability to spend extra Maps to “continue” after running out of turns:

  • The timer gets reset to its starting value, the board is shuffled and you resume playing as normal. The total turn counter is NOT reset.
  • Maybe +2 maps per continue (and a maximum of 2 continues).
  • Makes it easier to get longer runs (useful for Campaign Tasks) and high-value tiles to cash out when it’s finally over.
  • Again, this is a less “efficient” use of Maps, but in exchange for a better run and more high-tier rewards.

Ability to cast spells during Treasure Hunt:

  • Naturally, this means unique spells created for Treasure Hunt mode specifically (though they can still be associated with specific Troops).
  • Unlike normal spells, Treasure Hunt spells don’t need to charge Mana but instead could consume Treasure Maps to cast. (e.g. 1 Map = 1 cast). Casting also consumes a turn from the timer, so you’d better make it a good one!
  • For example: Tyri’s normal spell collects (destroys) Mana gems of a desired color, right? An analogous Treasure Hunt spell could be to collect all coin tiles of a desired type – copper, silver, or gold coin. (Moneybags and chests can’t be picked, they are only collected at end of run.)

I see the new special gem! A treasure hunt gem, if you touch it any way it starts a treasure hunt and you have to reach 60 turns or you loose the battle. :imp:


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