Major Treasure Hunt Revamps / Reward Increases Ideas

As of this second I have 500+ treasure maps in my inventory that I refuse to use because i’d get next to nothing from them, compared to whatever else I could be doing instead.

In light of this, here’s what I propose to make treasure maps a viable use of players’ time.
1. Every 10 turns you get 1 Trophy.
2. Every 10 turns you get 5 Guild Seals.
( would be claimed through the seals section in the guild menu naturally. )
3. Every turn you get 1 xp ( xp multipliers would apply )
4. The traitstone you get every 15 turns should always be a runic ( 98% Chance ) or an arcane ( 2% Chance ). ( Arcane ( 98% Chance ) or Celestial ( 2% Chance ) for Epic Treasure Maps. )
5. Every 25 turns you get 1 gem. ( 3 for Epic Treasure Maps )
6. Add Treasure Hunt Events, Would give score based on how many turns you last and would give rewards such as Epic Treasure Maps, Orbs Of Chaos & Writs.
7. Add Epic Treasure Maps ( Treasure Maps aimed more towards late game players and due to their rarity would have 12 base turns + guild bonus turns instead of the standard 8 + guild bonus turns. )
Side note → If say the treasure map subscription gave 5 treasure maps a day and gave 3 - 5 or so Epic Treasure Maps at purchase / throughout the 15 days. It would be a great way to boost it’s sales. ( as long as it stayed at $4.99 USD. )
So there is a financial incentive in making treasure maps relevant, as much as I hate to admit it.

  1. Epic Treasure Map Rewards Rough Draft :
    Copper Coins → 100 Gold
    Silver Coins → 300 Gold
    Gold Coins → 900 Gold
    Bags → 2,700 Gold
    T1 Chests → 200 shards ( 75% Chance ) or 50 of a random jewel ( 25% Chance )
    T2 Chests → 100 of a random jewel ( 70% Chance ) or 25 Writs ( 25% Chance ) 1 of a random Deed ( 5% Chance )
    T3 Chests → 100 Writs ( 70% Chance ) or 2 of a random Deed ( 20% Chance ) or 1 of a random Forge Scroll ( 10% Chance )
    Vaults → 5 of a random Deed ( 50% Chance ) or 3 of a random Forge Scroll ( 30% Chance ) or 1 Imperial Deed ( 10% Chance ) or 1 Epic Vault Key ( 10% Chance )

  2. Rewards Revamp For Treasure Hunts Rough Draft :
    Copper Coins → 5 Gold
    Silver Coins → 15 Gold
    Gold Coins → 45 Gold
    Bags → 135 Gold
    T1 Chests → 500 Gold
    T2 Chests → 1,500 Gold ( 50 Percent Chance ) or 1 Glory Key ( 50% Chance )
    T3 Chests → 5,000 Gold ( 60% Chance ) or 3 Glory Keys ( 30% Chance ) or 1 Gem Key ( 9% Chance ) or 1 Epic Treasure Map ( 1% Chance )
    Vaults → 25,000 Gold ( 50% Chance ) or 15 Glory Keys ( 30% Chance ) or 10 Gems Keys ( 10% Chance ) or 1 Epic Treasure Map ( 5% Chance ) or 2 VIP Key ( 4% Chance ) or 1 Vault Key ( 1% Chance )

Disclaimer → If this were to ever be implemented I fully expect the rates and rewards to be tweaked a bit though ideally I hope that they would be similar to what I listed.

Here’s a couple of polls for those interested / want to add something but don’t want to give a reply.
( pls note that these polls are just in general and don’t mean that it’d be done like I suggested, just that it’d be done at all )

Should Treasure Hunts Be Revamped Somehow?
  • Yes
  • No

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Should Epic Treasure Maps Of Some Kind Be Added For Late Game Players?
  • Yes
  • No

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And that concludes my thoughts on the matter, if ya like my suggestion feel free to give me a heart and leave a reply down below.
I’m also open to any and all constructive criticism so feel free to leave some.
Just keep it constructive & civil please.

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I have 14,247 treasure maps and many end-gamers have a lot more.

Better rewards or other incentives to play TH have been proposed many, many times on these forums with zero response from the devs.

I wish you the best of luck with this being the exception to the rule.


Thats quite a few…

Yeah the devs are pretty stubborn on change from what i’ve seen but it doesn’t hurt to try, maybe if we yell enough in this enclosed cavern we’ll eventually make a crack in the ceiling and get to them.


The devs have commented on treasure maps actually. They are concerned that whatever they do, people who have an absurd number of maps will have too many resources of whatever they revamp it to. We can agree or disagree on whether that’s a valid concern, but at least the devs have responded.

Yeah like … one time …


The devs have indeed commented on treasure maps in general, but they have never responded to or referenced any individual forum thread or suggestion from players. I didn’t mean to imply that the devs were unaware of the problem with TH, only that player suggestions have to date been futile.


I wonder if part of the reluctance is also to do with early vs late game balance (in terms of resources).

There have been a lot of changes aimed at slowing down the early game, which I think is meant to incentivise purchases and draw out the length of time it takes to ‘finish’ the game, keeping players around longer.

These suggested rewards look fine from an end-game perspective, but would probably mean there’d be little point doing anything else but TH in the early-game to earn Gold for levelling Kingdoms.

Perhaps an option could be to unlock TH later, or boost the rewards after a certain stage (unlocking the Underworld?), or unlock a meatier version of TH at that point (the suggestion of ‘Epic’ THs has been thrown around a couple of times).

Someone also suggested at one point removing the entry fee (maps) from TH and doing a one-time conversion of existing maps to some currency. Glory (x some multiplier) or Chaos Shards could be non-game-breaking options for that. I don’t think I’d be against it?

I think a moderate to high value, chance-based reward such as the 1% Vault Key from Vaults, without the more resource-based rewards (Gold, Glory), would work to counter the unlimited attempts. I mean, you can technically farm Power Orbs by playing lots of (unlimited) Explore battles, hoping to encounter Gnomes that might drop a Vault Key, which could contain a Major Orb, which could be a Power Orb. The extremely low % chance of this works as a hard counter in terms of the amount of time it would take to actually do this – and I don’t think making Vaults in TH would be too different. – you’d probably get more resources in Explore anyway. If you’re skilled at Explore, you can do battles more quickly, and same for TH with Vaults. Running the numbers and tweaking the percentages would be all it takes.

Alternatively, Epic Vault Keys are pretty rare, and it’s not like anyone is overflowing with them – Epic Treasure Maps could be a reasonable entry fee for a reward-tweaked Epic TH on top of the standard TH (but lol if they just slap a 120% modifier on it and call that done :joy::sob:). After all, you still have to perform reasonably well in the actual attempt to get decent rewards. Regular maps could serve as practice for the Epic ones, with maybe even a % chance of earning an Epic map from regular Vaults/Chests (1% Red Chest, 10% Vault? ¯_(ツ)_/¯).

As for rewards:

Still useless

Sounds ok. Not sure what TH has to do with guilds… There used to be/is a reward for doing 60 turns TH that allows you to collect X seals, from Guild-> Seals panels…


I can see it benefit some players. I personaly don’t care. Explore has been much more reliable way of getting traitstones of any rarity and type.

IF anything:
Silver chest → 500 Gold
Green chest → 1 Gem
Red chest → 5 Gems or 10 Glory keys or 1 Gem key
Vault → 20 Gems vs 50 Glory Keys vs 5 Gem keys vs 1 Vault key (or anything)

Gems are a MUST have on TH rewards… Gold can be skipped at all.

Also, You can just replace vault rewards:

Vault → 1 token, which can be replaced in TH shop for various rewards (limited number of purchase weekly + shop changes offers weekly): Doomed Scrolls, Writs, Deeds, Pet copies, Key packs, Soul packs, Gold packs, Arcanre Traitstone packs etc.


Yeah that’s why I chose those rewards, with them looking like that it’d make early game a bit less tedious and give mid game players an alternative way to farm gold and keys at a slightly better rate, while mostly keeping the game’s balance for late game players.
To be honest I doubt they’ll ever change treasure maps to be particularly lucrative for late game players so this is probably the best we’ll ever have a shot at getting.

I believe that it would be best for treasure hunts to continue to cost treasure maps but epic treasure maps could be interesting… Perhaps they could serve as a way for late game players to earn things relevant to them through treasure hunts.

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Whoops I missed in the OP it listed gem keys, not gems. Yes gems are an absolute must. Removing gems would make treasure maps worse. Right now, treasure maps is the only way to farm gems in game.

I don’t think reworking rewards would unbalance anything for players with large amounts of maps like:

Reason being, maps take time. A lot of maps take a lot of time.

But what do the devs gain from it?
I’ll counter that with “What do they gain from PvP, Arena or Explore grinding?” The only resource exclusive to TH are gems (and technically gem keys).

They could simply scale the rewards with level, like they do with Shrines. From 0-X, there’s one drop table. From X-Y, another. From Y-Z, a third. And Z+, a fourth.

As I’ve argued in another thread about TH rewards, I think the best thing would be if each reward tier (e.g. brown chest, green chest, red chest, vault) gave a set reward instead of a random one from a list. That way, you could aim for that if that’s what you really wanted to play TH.


Not doing a revamp because people have so many maps is not an excuse at all.

They could quite simply put maps to souls in the shop like glory to souls, 40/25. They can’t argue there’s an economic problem as we need 57,000,000 souls and thousands of medals to elite level kingdom troops. 250 souls for every 400 maps. Could even give 1:1 rate and not be an issue.

Actually even a 3:1 rate so 120 souls for 40 maps wouldn’t be a problem. Even with 40k maps you’d only get 120k souls. 3 souls per map. 2 elite troops medalled…Still undersold!

Then they can do any revamp as they prefer.


This I could get behind 100%. I actually like the treasure map game. But, I still don’t know what to aim for. Green chests? Vaults? The RNG rewards makes the goal unclear.

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They could use the player level to scale the costs.

So (picking some numbers out of the air) a Level 1 player would pay one map.

A Level 100 player would pay ten maps

A Level 500 player would pay 100 maps

A Level 1000 player would pay 1000 maps

Or something like this which would mean that the players with ludicrous numbers of maps would have to pay much higher costs to get the extra rewards.

I concur the current rng makes it quite unclear.

Just added this section, I believe that that should fix the gem issue.

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why just why… Even if a player has an absurd amount of maps they should be able to be able to use them just like everyone else regardless of lvl.

After all they earned them just like everyone else.

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I actually hope the developers don’t do a thing to Treasure Hunt. I hope they leave it alone forever and let it be. Just look at Arena for the reason why.

When the developers reworked Arena they made it more difficult and obnoxious by removing the hero weapons which annoyed a lot of people. At the same time they created an incentive for people to actually play Arena multiple times a day in the form of extra daily offers and a weekend Arena event.

Let’s be realistic here. If the developers rework Treasure Hunt then they are going to do the exact same thing as Arena. Have fun playing a harder version of Treasure Hunt where random stone blocks appear and you have to score 100+ moves for a 2% chance of getting a random forge scroll for your doomed weapons. Have fun doing that harder treasure hunt for campaign tasks unless you want to pay gems to skip it. And have fun doing that weekend Treasure Hunt event that results in the Gnome weekend appearing even less frequently. Sure you could skip this mode just like Arena, but then you won’t be able to get forge scrolls. Or war coins. Or another vital resource yet to be introduced.

So I don’t want the developers to do a thing to this mode. Just give me the option to throw a couple thousand treasure maps into a forge scroll or something else in the soulforge and call it a day.

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Your wro… Yeah if we’re being realistic there’s a pretty high chance that they’d focus on monetization instead of improving their product… One can only hope that their marketing team / those who are in charge of the game’s monetary front would have a bit more respect for the game…

Though admittedly I’ve only ever played the current version of arena so I can’t comment much when it comes to it.

It wouldn’t necessarily make gnome events appear less if anything it’d be a great opportunity for them to do treasure weekends with both a gnome event and a treasure hunt event running at the same time.
Probably wouldn’t be the case but one can dream lol.

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Btw if anyone here has just been reading the replys, pls make sure to re read the post, I added a couple of things to it.

@CoffeeAndNums don’t waste your energy on this. It was requested multiple times, along with many other things, nothing happened!