When are we going to update Treasure hunt

So I’m wondering if this mode of Treasure hunt will ever be updated…
You make a mode with little rewards yet think cause someone’s going to one time Yu-gi-oh and get 120 turns that it’s an overpowered mode.
Keep in mind
Lot of times people reroll and/or buy the task if it’s their last one in campaigns for tasks…
Keep in mind you could grind for a solid hour and get times like 10-20 resources from doing explore with exception of gems (a resource you make people try to exhaust themselves to get sure)
So all in all I just want to say this mode needs a revamp
What’s wrong with trading in 5-10-15-20 maps to increase the value?
What’s wrong with giving multiple extra turns if you match them in a waterfall (gems matching then making more gems match afterwards)
What’s wrong with giving a max cap of what you can get per treasure run (EXAMPLE USE TEN MAPS TO INCREASE THAT RUN AND HAVE IT CAP AT ONLY GIVING A MAX OF 25-50 gems and whatever said amount of resources you agree is fair)
But with all this said
You already nerfed gnomeapaloozas
Can we just have something for an update of this mode rather then blatantly ignoring what the people who play this game ask?
Thanks for the wish gems I WISH you’d actually consider feedback of this mode cause dear Rowanne (god) you’ve made it that everyone just stacks these treasure maps to the point I myself have 2500 and I’ve heard of people having over 10000…
Don’t you think that points like that needs to make you consider re-evaluating your mode?
You never do in game surveys cause you’d be told flat out this mode sucks so maybe you should have your dev team take interest to better the game not boost someone’s stats cause they pledge allegiance to your in game purchases.
End rant

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Not that I am against treasure hunt upgrade I am all for it you have to be reasonable in your expectation of rewards as well. We did get GAP and yes it was nerfed because it was fully broken at first then they wanted to scale it back. This is a free to play game but it has overhead. Staff offices computers all to maintain so they want to keep resources rare enough players sometimes want to buy them though I think they are quite fair in the amount of gems and such you can get as a free player.Perhaps if they allowed you to earn more writs or get copies of cosmetic pets etc things not very well monetized atm.
You do make fair points about the game mode having bad rewards for time invested though and how they shouldnt have nerfed both the rewards and turns stacking. I love treasure hunt it is fun and I wish I could justify playing it. Maybe if they added trophies based on turns taken so like arena it could at least be useful to trophy hunting guilds like mine. I get that they added the vault key recipe to the soulforge to make use of the treasure maps but the cursed runes are so rare and there are so many better ways to spend it I cannot imagine I will ever be using that recipe when I have forge scrolls to make. I am able to almost always get 80-200 turns in treasure hunt and I know there are other players like me that are able to play the mode with a lot of success but it takes a lot of time and even getting 3 vaults in it don’t give anything much of real value.

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2027 if game is still up.


two things i would like to see which would help improve treasure hunt is adding shards into the game mode so that diamonds can be eventually crafted. Also add cursed shards to craft curse runes but rather than the 100:1 ratio for diamonds stillmake them rare enough that people wil still want to buy the bait. So 500:1 ratio i think would be fair. In turn this will enable to craft writs, deeds and all the other requested stuff.

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And with a treasure pass.

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Like many aspects of the game, Treasure Hunt is designed mainly for new/early game players. Treasure Hunt is not something mid/end game players will even touch once they have a decent amount of troops and can farm higher level explores as the rewards will be 10x times better in explore (or pvp).

Frankly I think they should make something similar to the Vault. Have the normal Treasure Hunt and then an Epic Treasure Hunt.

For the Epic Treasure Hunt:

-Get rid of the Copper and Silver Coins and have the base be the Gold Coin. And the board starts with Gold Coins, Treasure Bags, and Tier 1 chests on the it.
-Make the safes movable, and add in an Epic Safe that isn’t.
-Have gold coins would be the only item that gives gold as a reward.
-Have treasure bags give souls, glory, and shards as a reward.
-Have tier 1 chests give glory, shards, and glory keys.
-Have tier 2 chests give shards, diamonds, and gems.
-Have tier 3 chests give diamonds, gems, gem keys, and chaos shards.
-Have safes give diamonds, gems, chaos shards, and random pet food or random deed.
-Have epic safes give random verse, chaos shards, and cursed runes.
-Every 15 moves still gives you a traitstone, but they are Runic or Arcane only, with a chance to be Celestial traitstone every 90 moves.
-You start with the 20 moves available instead of the 14/15. Matching 4 doesn’t use a move and matching 5 gets you an extra move just like the normal Treasure Hunt.

Let Epic Treasure Maps be something that can only be crafted in the Soul Forge (we don’t need another new freaking gnome that has a 0.000000000000000001% chance to spawn like the other gnomes) and requires 100 regular Treasure maps, 5,000 souls, 5 Legendary Ingots, and 5 Mythic Ingots to craft 1 Epic Treasure Map. Or instead of the ingots it requires 25 minor traitstones of each of the 6 colors, so 150 minor traitstones in total.

This way it uses up some of the other low tier resources that mid/end game players are probably accumulating like crazy and have no use for. Cause I have tens of thousands ingots of all 6 types and tens of thousands of minor and major traitstones and I never use any them.

Or let me use Treasure maps to craft writs so that I can then turn them to deeds, and then books of deeds.

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