Treasure Hunt 2.0 Suggestion

A suggestion on rev’ing Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt is a mode mode of the game and it’s time to bring it back. My suggestion is to make it more like a real treasure hunt, most of which come up empty, but can also return great fortune.

  1. Increase the upfront cost of the Treasure Hunt. Let’s say 20K Gold, 20K Souls, and 10 Treasure Maps. Real treasure hunts are costly endeavors. Easy to scale these numbers higher if needed.

  2. No rewards until hitting 80 (or whatever ever the 85th percentile of success is. So most of the time, like on real treasure hunts, you go bust. After the 85th percentile start scaling rewards so that at 90% the player gets an even return and at the 98th percentile the player gets super rewards (like really super rewards). Again like a real treasure hunt.

  3. If we really want to spice it up, nuke a troop at random for failed treasure hunt attempts.

Something like this would could relaunch treasure hunt as a great change of pace game mode and also help the game devs siphon off excess currency.

No way. I’m not going to risk losing a troop and spend that many souls and gold to attempt your proposed Treasure Hunt revamp. If this were to replace the existing Treasure Hunt, then I would rather pay gems to skip any Campaign task that requires playing this version of Treasure Hunt.


You’re suggesting that 80% of TH runs net you negative 20k gold, 20k souls (that’s a massive amount for most players), and 10 treasure maps and there’s a chance to permanently lose a troop?

The devs pull off plenty of scams on their own, please don’t give them ideas.


Apply those ideas only for players at VIP 10+.

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Is this an idea to revive it or to bury it for good?

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Everything you said is a bad idea and even less people would play treasure hunt if this happened.

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Impressively terrible ideas. Most people seem to just want the rewards increased a bit so it’s worth the time spent playing. No groin punches required, thanks.

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I really don’t want to add my suggestions to this thread b/c of how bad I think the op suggestions are . Even adding this I probably shouldn’t do as it will rise this thread up in the list on main page for just a bit. A new thread for treasure hunt needs to be made .

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I have noticed a lot of people not playing the Treasure Hunt mini game because the rewards are minuscule. I have also noticed it is very hard to acquire such items as ‘verses’, ‘writs’, ‘cursed runes’, ‘war coins’, and ‘dragonite’. Suggestion is to randomly drop one of the above items when a player has over 100 moves in a single play through, in addition to the traitstone reward.

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