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advanced treasure hunt

A treasure hunt in the game takes a long time and is not very lucrative.
The consequence of this is that in the later game you actually do not search for treasure anymore because it is not really worth it.
I now have over 900

My idea:
You can spend up to 5 treasure cards to increase the yield.
Each additional treasure card gives a 25% bonus on normal earnings.
With 3 cards you would have + 50% and with 5 cards + 100% bonus

This would make the treasure hunt more rewarding in the later game.

Only 900? I await screenshots of those with hundreds of thousands of scrolls. I have ~12,000.

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I see that coming to me. I haven’t been there for so long XD (~lvl 1000)
But what do you think of that idea?

Same idea everyone else has had. Devs said changes are coming later this year. Till then, use your time in a more valuable way and avoid treasure hunt.


OK. Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I did 10 minutes of Treasure Hunts earlier today. During that time I completed 8 treasure hunts (I went for speed). I collected:

  • 7550 gold
  • 690 souls
  • 116 Glory
  • 10 Gems

I did not track the traitstones, those mean nothing to me, and I didn’t get any glory or gem keys. This is a pitiful amount of gold and souls per hour (~45k gold and 4k souls), although nearly 700 glory and a staggering 59 gems per hour. The gems obviously would be the reason to do the treasure hunts at all, because you sacrifice a lot to do treasure hunts (hero and class experience, chances for gnomes, a meaningful amount of gold, etc.)

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So far, I’ve always targeted the keys.
This mode is probably more suitable for making quick Gold and Gems.
I just wait until the devs have found a better solution.
Thank You! :slight_smile: