Traitstone upgrade proposal

After about 600 levels, I realized that mana masteries increments are becoming increasingly useless, level after level. And so minor and major traitstones…

So, this is my proposal to bring back a bit of interest.

  • A player with a mana mastery of 100 can turn 5 minor traitstones of that color to majors
  • A player with a mana mastery of 150 can turn 5 major traitstones of that color to runic
  • A player with a mana mastery of 200 can turn 10 or 5+5 runic traitstones of that color to arcane

This means that a player of level 1200 can virtually change 250 minor traitstones to an arcane one.

250:1 seems to me a reasonable exchange, even considering the fact that the arcane traitstones are sold in the shop.

You didnt even bother to search the forum for 100 topics like this, did you?
Anyway there a lot much better suggestions.

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Actually there’s a thing that pops up similar topics to limit the amount of times this happens with a particular topic. It’s a shame to see that it didn’t quite help this time.

Might be because this actually hasn’t shown up in a few weeks

Oh well thats true, and could be the case.

doesnt mastery stop growing at lv 1000?

Stops a lot earlier than that, I forget exactly when.

Yes, it stops there (not earlier).

Yup… and 1000 is not evenly divisible by 6, which p*sses off an extraordinary number of us…