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Traitstone ascension

So i know that this subject has been brought up multiple times, but i think i may have a good solution for the Devs and those worried about over exploitation of traitstone ascension.

X10 minor (single color: Wind) = 1 major (same color: Wind)
X10 major (single color: Fire) = 1 Runic (same color: Fire)
X1 runic fire + 1 runic water + 1 runic nature + 1 runic wind + 1 runic earth + 1 runic magic = 1 arcane stone of players choice (Limited to 3 per week)
X21 of any arcane stones = 1 celestial (Limited to 1 per week)

A weekly limit will keep it from being abused, but will still give us a reason to grind it out. Any input for this idea?