Feature Request - Stone Ascension

With Minor and Major Traitstones piling up for most people, requesting a stones ascension page for Minor and Major Traitstones to be ‘ascended’ to a higher rarity as troops are done. For example:-

• 10x Minor stones to create a Major
• 25x Major stones to create a Runic

This can then be taken further to Runic Stone colour blending to create an Arcane. A total of 20 Runic Stones (as Runic Stones would be easier to come by) to create one Arcane Traitstone. For example:-

• 10x Runic Fire + 10x Runic Water = Arcane Blood
• 20x Runic Earth (blended) = Arcane Deep

Celestials need not be forgotten either, perhaps two of EACH Arcane Traitsone (requiring 42x Arcanes in total) could be spent to create one Celestial Traitstone.

Figures adjusted or tweaked, this could be seen not only as another notch in the gameplay, (most of the equations and animation already being in-game), but would keep the game fresh, interesting and allow everyone to make use of the mass of Minor and Major Traitstones that come from each game played.


Agreed… Though it will never happen for this reason alone. $$$

We all want this, but the bottom line is this is a game of micro transactions. The only way this may be viable to them, is for it to cost a resource to do conversion. This resource would of course be purchasable via micro transaction. I personally would be for this if the amount of conversions given per dollar is not a total ripoff.


Hmm, possibly. It would be a shame as the current Troop ascension requires nothing else spent to increase the rarity.

But perhaps if the Traitstones do require some sort of purchasable spending, one gem for Minor ascension, five gems for Major, etc? For example:-

• 1 gem - convert Minor to Major
• 5 gems - convert Major to Runic
• 10 gems - convert Runic to Arcane
• 25 gems - convert Arcane to Celestial

I really couldn’t see the starting point being any larger than one gem just to create a Major Traitstone.

dont think that would work either unless gem cost was double that. I was thinking go a new form of currency. To be viable for them to make it a reality, it couldn’t be an item you got for free like gems. I’ve made 300 gems this week farming treasure maps.

Though it would be great as a transaction for gems, I think it would cost them profits on their rune packages. A new currency for conversion would also cost them on the rune packages, but they would see a whole lot more smaller purchases due to everyone wanting to get arcanes and runic stones.


But why would anyone want to create a major traitstone? Many players have hundreds of major traitstones lying around with no way to use them. I’ve got about 500 of every major traitstone, but I can’t do anything with them. I’m short on minor, runic and arcanes though… :frowning:

Simple, really - If you can use majors to create runics (and so on), then you can run out of majors.

But I am already short on minors, so why would I use minors to create majors (on the path to runics) ?

You didn’t ask why would you want to create minors, you asked why would anyone want to do that, and it is evident that some people do have enough minors, so…

Yep, I’m overflowing with minors/majors and short on runic/arcane. .

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Hence the idea/request for Traitstone ascension.

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Ah, apparently I missed the point of the thread entirely. :frowning:

Flexibilty with traitstones would be nice from a players point of view I guess.

But considering the game mechanics for advanced players are totally geared towards grinding for traitstones, I expect that the developers won’t be very enthousiastic about this.

But considering I am mostly short on minor traitstones, I’d actually prefer to have a traitstone splitting feature. I’d much rather have the possibility to convert major traitstones to minor traitstones…


Ah, Traistone disenchantment! A good idea, going all the way from Arcanes backward. I like that thought, could be incorporated well.

What if trait stone ascension would be scaled like troop ascension and disenchantment just ranked them down with half the return to prevent abuse.

Yes, I would assume that half a return on materials for disenchantment would be the only way to proceed if indeed ascension or disenchanting came about for stones.

I would hate to think that whether this idea was used or not depended on the outcome of revenue gained/lost; I could really see this working.

I do however understand that this is not just a free-to-play only application and that may upset the balance of in-app purchases.

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I’d prefer some kind of mini game where you come in with traitstones and based on the quality of your gameplay in the mini game, you come out with better ones, and they should be related to the types you put on the line.


i JUST replied with:

“adding support to GEM conversion and upgrading.
i propose a 3:2 conversion ratio for same quality type.
i want to convert 3minor fire to 2minor water traitstones, cool?
simply have the lower quality upgrade, like 5minor makes a random major
taitstone, and then u do the 3:2 conversion for the ones u need. that
seems fair.
and 2runics can make one random arcane traitstone, since there are SOOOOOO many arcanes, it seems fair.
thoughts on this method??”


To be honest, if I had known @MrSammy had a post similar to this, I wouldn’t have created the topic in the first place.
Secondly, now that it’s easier for lower end players to earn more gold, Kingdoms would be finished faster and more donations would most likely be sent to the guilds.
Therefore, more gems, more keys, greater chance at items that were previously harder to receive. Making the requests of traitstone creation/ascension null and void.
@Sirrian, could you close this post?

I wouldn’t call it null and void at all, this could still work, but a reply from the devs would be great.

To me, the silence speaks volumes. Interpret it as you will, though.