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Traitstone Search/Sort Feature

Unless I’ve missed a button the recent implementation of Traitstones is purely Troop driven - in so far as you amass said stones (battles/chests etc.) and then to ‘spend/use’ them you need to drill down through the [Troops] menu, then the individual troop, then crafting, then review the traits for that troop etc.

Your overall total of stones is in the new ‘Collection’ tab from the [Hero] menu, but this is simply a list and requires some use of the old grey matter (which with 3 teenage boys & 2 very springy spaniels is fading very fast! :frowning:) and reference again back to the [Troop] menu to calculate which traits you can/are close to unlock etc.

My suggestion would be perhaps a [Traits] menu which is filterable by the stone type (e.g. Minor Air etc.) and then displays the troops which use that stone and the amount you have available so far.

This would allow the player to better map out which traits they would most prefer to aim for and more easily see which of any traits are perhaps within easy reach of attaining.

This is just an idea which is born from having excitedly opened 196 chests last night - acquiring a wide selection of new stones - yet seemingly no luck to have acquired enough of any one type to activate a trait on any one troop (let alone one I would like to use)

Good idea/Bad idea?

Have I missed something?

Is there a better way?

Appreciate feedback & thoughts.


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Great idea - some way of seeing a summary of which troops use which stones would be very handy…

Potentially better as a resource here online - maybe someone with time on their hands could knock us up a VERY big spreadsheet table…

That is a great idea for sure, I had the same thoughts when trying to build up my troop teams. The one problem I am having is I want to make sure I don’t spend the traits I am trying to save up for a certain troop, so that I don’t accidently spend them on another troop.

[quote=“temmie143, post:3, topic:2089”]
I want to make sure I don’t spend the traits I am trying to save up for a certain troop
[/quote] Yes this was exactly one of my thoughts too - my resources aren’t as free flowing and limitless as I’d like, despite having all kingdoms at lvl 5+ and a fairly active guild.

So it seems important given my appaling luck of the draw (Webspinner why do you forsake me so!!!:worried:) to make sure that you invest the traitstones to give the maximum overall benefit.