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Traitstone/Character map

I’m having a hard time finding out which characters (cards) use which traitstone. For example, I have a number of Death Traitstones. How can I find out which troop to use them on?



Thanks for reminding me to updating the list, possibly 2-3 troops needs to be added.


Excellent! Thank you.

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Also, @Lyya has a website called gowdb.com that provides this sort of information in a very nice format. You can also register there and see your specific traitstone collection and troops that need them and budget accordingly.


For the troop you want to find traitstones for…

  1. Click ‘Crafting’.
  2. Click ‘Traits’.
    That will show what Arcanes the troop needs. Also, you can click on the arcane traitstone, and it will take you directly to the kingdom where that traitstone is available through Explore mode.

The “traits” menu only shows the traitstones required for the first unobtained trait. If you haven’t unlocked the earlier trait(s), you won’t be able to see the name of the arcane (though you can determine it by the colors of the other traitstones).

Here’s an example. You can tell you’ll need yellow/purple arcanes, but you can’t click on them or see what they’re called from here.