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RESOLVED, DUPLICATE: If you agree with my idea please show your support

Hi guys. I recently submitted a feature request and I hope y’all can show your support. I find it very frustrating to have to search the web to find out what traitstones I’m going to need to fully trait a troop. Currently I. Game you can only see the traitstones required for the first trait. If you want to know the required traitstones for the second and third trait you must first activate the previous trait. Farming traitstones has not been so easy and I find the ones I have quite valuable. So, if you wish you could see the traitstones requirements for all 3 traits on each troop in game… Check out my post in feature idea. Thank guys and gals. Love this game and love the community. Mwah

Again, please don’t spam the board with several duplicate messages. We can all see the original message, it’s not like it was private or anything.

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