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QoL exploration/traitstone tracker

Hi, i would like to suggest an option to ‘track’ one troop if it doesnt have all 3 traits and enough traitstones to fully upgrade for them, add that option in troop>upgrade>traits menu.
Once checked, it will track your gained traitstones after battle/chest opening and show your progress on filling this troop’s requirement for traitstones
For example,
you ve set, say, snow guardian from glacial peaks to track, having 2/3 traits opened,
having 22/26 minor earth traitstones on hand, 171/8 major earth, 2/3 arcane forest.
So when you obtain either minor earth or arcane forest, it will pop up a mini portrait/card of that mob
with progress bar on traitstone you ve just obtained, and it will show, for instance, 3 bars with
22/26 minor earth
171/8 major earth
and 2>3 arcane forest filling after you have newly aquired one
Currently i just have to keep that info in notepad and alt/tab after every successfully obtained resource and note it there because otherwise you quickly loose track of resources and start to forget what you do and your mind wanders lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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At the Moment also gowdb.com is allready a great alternative to track your stones.

tbh i dont see much difference between alt-tabbing to gowdb or alt-tabbing to notepad to keep track of your traitstone aquisitions/progress toward next troop trait. or if im wrong, please elaborate.

Well, but you must think there is a big community that plays on console and cant do that.

Althought, an interesting feature request but not an urgent one.

Use a notebook and a pencil so you don’t have to alt-tab to anything. Notebooks are even cross platform and support cross play!

Here’s how I accomplish this right now in game actually: my farming team is near a slot that is always “the next 4 troops I want to trait”. So when I lose track of where I am, I pretend I want to edit my team. That puts me in the Troops menu right next to a team with the troop I want to check.

I like the idea of your feature, but it’s pretty complex from a UI perspective. The devs like writing big features that involve new ways to spend currency. Small UI improvements that already have alternatives don’t tend to get a lot of traction. I think you’d catch their eye more if it cost you 50 gems to change your target troop more than once every 24 hours.