Would anyone be interested in a tracker for Traitstones?

I think it would be a nice QoL improvement to be able to mark a specific traitstone and have your current amount displayed on the home screen with your glory/gold/etc. Or more specifically, being able to tag a troop and seeing how many stones I need to fully trait it. Especially because I don’t have memorized what stones are from where, and its kinda annoying to menu the whole way into the upgrade page to see that I still need 2 more stones.

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Thats a good idea, i like the first idea better because it would make traitstone farming easier as youd know how many traitstones you have without having to go all the way to your inventory

If there is some chance to see a counter over the main UI, I would like to see one for PET Hunt and one for Gnome-A-Palooza (maybe fixed also on battle screen). These are timed so it have maximum priority over others.
Not interested on a tracker for specific traitstones. After some battles or explore it’s ok to me checking over the inventory.


Yeah that would be real nice, I like the idea for sure when you have a pet trigger but dont know if the PR is finished yet coz sometimes they come quick after each other.

The traitstones I do most of the time in vault weekend /event, or in GP then I look in inventory which arcane traitstone is lowest and that Kingdom I go hunt for Gnomes or do an G-Palooza.

So not really needed but like the idea’s but prefer timer in battle screen

I use Gemologica’s traitstone tab for identifying which traitstones I need for leveling up all troops, and by hovering over them, from where.


Gemologica is absolutely great. If you aren’t sure where to find this great community created site, here’s the link


All credit to El Duderino


I still dont get why pet rescue has 2 game slots which override gnome count during vault. Surely the time parameter on the 2nd pet rescue can be included on the main tile. Or just do away with the dbl size tile completely regardless.