Suggestion: Include Traitstones in Tribute

It would be nice if the developers changed the tribute from the various Kingdoms to include some random chance of the traitstones each Kingdom “specializes” in (in the Explore area) showing up.

EDIT: Because of the recurring motif in the responses, I’ll add that I’m asking for this simply because of game design reasons. Since each Kingdom specializes in certain traitstones, and they’re sending tribute my way for one reason or another, it would be more aesthetically pleasing and logical if that tribute included a bit of what they specialize in every now and again. Yes, I know. Don’t laugh.

Why do you need that? There’s a plenty of traitstones on the Explore runs.

The reason being?

It would be really helpful if somebody explained why such change is necessary and what issues it addresses.

I would vote no on this, assuming that if they were to add traitstones, then they would have to take something away and it would probably be gems, which are waaay more useful and harder to get. There will come a point where you won’t need more traitstones, but you will always need gems and gold.

Honestly, the tributes in this game are already VERY generous imo, I think the best we can do is not mention them so the devs don’t feel the need to go “tweak” them :speak_no_evil:


Obviously the reason is that the OP has a shortage of traitstones. Perhaps the OP has a shortage of time to farm them in Explore or Treasure Hunts or what-have-you as well — I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter — OP wants an additional source of traitstones, and so has requested said.

There’s no reason to dismiss it out-of-hand without giving a reason as to why it shouldn’t be done (such as: “I’d rather not see this because I presume traitstones being added would mean a commensurate amount of gold would be taken away, and I value gold more than traitstones”).

Being nice and being constructive counts for something. I wish I saw more of each around here sometimes.

EDIT: mita types faster than I, it seems — beat me to the post! :joy:

[6387,6087,6638,1056,3036,2,2,1,3,3,3,1,14033] - team for easy traitstones farming on Explore up to 5th level. Takes 3-5 minutes to complete the explore run.

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It’s not because I can’t farm the traitstones. I’ve got a team that’ll finish a Level 1 Explore in about 15 seconds. It’s just that these Kingdoms specialize in certain traitstones and they don’t give them as tribute. Esthetically (game design-wise), they really should. And, I’m not asking for buckets of them. Just a chance at one.

Are you referring to a specific rarity of traitstone? Would it be any of the traitstones that could drop from that kingdom (i.e. minor, major, runic, arcane, possibly celestial?) or would you prefer it be limited to arcanes? I can sympathize with the aesthetic/intuitiveness of this request, I’m just curious as to what you’re expecting.

Also, at what (kingdom and/or power) level would this be available? Would the odds of that kingdom’s traitstone dropping increase as you improve that kingdom (again, depending on whether you specifically mean the arcane or any)? While something like the faction renown ingot “tribute” could be done, does this favor mid-to-end gamers, who tend not to need traitstones?

Seeing as explore mode specifically states “Earn rare Traitstones and more!” I doubt they would consider adding it to tributes. Seeing as this mode is dedicated to obtaining that resource, where what you get is limited by the kingdom you decide to explore.

No specific rarities. Just as other Kingdom tribute goes up with Kingdom power/level, the same would happen for traitstones. Whatever drop-rate curve the game uses for traitstones (pulling numbers out of my posterior-dorsal: 50% chance of a minor, 25% for major, 15% for runic, 10% for arcane) could be used and each Kingdom might have a 1% chance of picking one out of that curve. So, at any given tribute, a Kingdom might have a 5% chance of giving a minor water, a 2.5% chance of giving a major, a 1.5% chance of giving a runic and a 1% chance of giving an Arcane. One only. I’m leaving out Celestials since they’re not a “specialty” of any given Kingdom. And, of course, those numbers are entirely made up.

Again, even though it might be laughable in this game, it’s a game design issue. Those Kingdoms are sending tribute my way for a reason. Either they’re thankful for my pulling their bacon out of the fire and sending me gifts or they’re afraid of me and sending me bribes to keep me away. Either way, I’d think they’d want to include something that’s one of their specialties when they can.

Lol, it’s not the game design issue. Each kingdom has the way to obtain their traitstones (Explore) so there’s no need to overcomplicate by adding some easygoing (not doing anything) way.