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Trait stone blitz

rough idea:

trade in 2 (or other appropriate amount) major trait stones of each color to play…

have a bejeweled blitz type game that start with minors and has a limited amount of time to play (match 5 to add time)
can upgrade stones on a match 3 or more to next level (minor to major to runic to random arcane to celestial)

kingdom: 3 different possibilites come to mind based on story line
karkoth = because of magic - it takes alchemy/magic to make better stones
Khaziel = because of dwarves - dwarves are the consummate stone masters
or Adana = because it takes construction know how to combine them in new ways.

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Not a huge fan of time based. One of the whole reasons I play GoW compared to other match-3s is that everything is turn based, rather than timed.

But yes, take all my majors. They are the maps of excess resources.


+1 anything to get rid of useless stones an more of the ones you need