Will other gems be added on the battle board?

Some time ago Doomskulls were added - after 3 years of developing of the game. May we expect some more additions? I remember “universal gems” in PQ, which matched any color, but not skulls. There are more unusual gems in other Bejeweled-like games (but not all apply here, in GoW).

My cynical note is, “Yes, that’s just what GoW needs more of: the probability that any random match leads to a chain of 4 turns or 5+ cascades.”

I’m really disappointed nothing was done with blocks. They slow down the game/prevent cascades in situations where you may not want/have a good exploder to deal with them.

IIRC, the topic was floated by the devs regarding block manipulation as a spell power, and roundly condemned by the players saying they were not in favor of anything that slows down matches.

I want a spell that creates blocks, and scales 1:1 with gold or souls. If you fill the board, it’s a stalemate and both sides lose.

I also want doomblocks, which are kind of like regular blocks with the added bonus of being indestructible. :grin: