Things you can do with your Major Traitstones

  • Tile your bathroom.

  • Coasters, for everyone on campus.

  • High-AC hall costume.

  • Ablative shielding for vehicles returning from orbit.

  • Tokens of appreciation for indie game designers you admire.


Bump! :smiley:

  • Evolve ALL the Eevees.
  • Craft Amulets till level 99.


I sincerely believe that some sort of traitstone crafting / transforsming system is either in the works, or at least in the talks by the devs. Its still pretty new system and I think its better to give them time to gather data on how exactly traitstones are doing before implementing any solution… Better to give them time than to get some half-assed rushed disaster.


No I think it would be better to allow people to withdraw them from the game as snacks in case we get hungry while playing. We need this immediately.


Heck, if they’d just let you sell the darn things for in-game resources (gold, souls), that’d be something. You’d really think, given their prevalence, that at some point major traitstones would be the base level for higher level traits, particularly on higher-rarity troops. It seems like it was built that way, frankly.


I do say upgradeable. 10 major stones of a type or differently types get you a specific Arcane stone.


Or trade them in for gametime! Maybe 10 Majors = an extra hour of playing Gems of War for free?

(Help me out here, people!)

  • kitty litter
  • Golem Food
  • Mosaic


Traitstone Armor:

50% Gold
50% Souls
50% EXP
Increases the chance of getting rarer traitstones from battles.

This would just add to the major traitstone abundance, but it would definitely be useful if it did 2x-3x chance for Runic, Arcane, and Celestial traitstone drops from battles.


I like your idea Tacet, nice armor design too!


Well, we have to use the major traitstones for something. I have enough major traitstones to forge Traitstone Armor for every person in GoW. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about making traits take twice as many majors.:smiling_imp:


I would still have a plethora of surplus in the 100s. xD


I think I have enough to forge Traitstone Armour for every person in the world… and a Traitstone Hammer, a Traitstone Shield… and a Traitstone Bus…


But seriously, I thought it was me, but apparently everyone has the numbers of minor/major traitstones upside down. Wouldn’t it make more sense if there was a greater abundance of minor, like with common troops? Ergo, maybe some switch at the RNG was pulled in error by the devs? @Sirrian, @Nimhain?


I would be actually willing to pay 2 majors to get 1 minor at this point (ridiculous, aint it?)


The split between Gold and Glory Keys and their rewards has caused this and a number of other problems.

Because we get tons of Glory Keys from guild tasks, the majority will end up being Glory Keys. Glory Keys don’t have Minor traitstones (or Common troops), so we end up being proportionally short on them - when they’re the ones we need the most of. The part where we still don’t have enough of any other traitstone to go with all the Majors, that simply points to there not being enough of a need for the Majors (as I calculated weeks ago, its roughly on par with the number of Runics we need).

This also causes people to want to hoard gold to spend on Gold Keys to acquire those Minors, instead of putting it into the guild. Which makes things way less exciting in general and causes cough other problems.

We should have Gold Key tasks in addition to Glory Key tasks. OR, change the current Key tasks back to be roughly what we had before, i.e. translate each Iron Key into one Glory Key and two Gold Keys - so 6 and 12 respectively.


Agree with this. Anyone like me who hasnt all kingdoms on lvl 10 wont dump gold onto keys. I get glory keys from guild, from arenas, from treasure hunts. And while I still get the occasional gold key drop here and there, I still get ton more glories. Therefore I have shortage of minors and commons…

Once I get kingdoms on lvl 10 I will be faced with a dilemma. To spend gold on keys to catch up on commons or to give more to the guild…

Wish devs would hurry up and come with some sort of traitstone trade-up / trade-down system already…

btw: The best way to solve this issue would be to make minigame that gives traitstones, but thats just my fever dream.


Running into same issue too. I’ve been forced to spend some gold for lowly gold keys because my current choke point is minor traitstones. I feel guilty so it puts me in the position to make sure I’m donating more than at least 50% of the other members before I even think about it. It also prevents plans to build up a bit of a savings to automatically level the next kingdom whenever it releases.

It would be excellent if the guild key task would either provide a combination of gold + glory (2/1 ratio) or give us a choice to choose between the two. And another +1 for a traitstone crafting system or mini game.