Towers Event on 9/11?

It doesn’t bother me, but i can see how many that lost loved ones on 9/11 could be offended or uncomfortable with this. Community will decide.


A coincidence only.

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I really hope the devs take notice and change it to something else. To many of us in the States, the loss of the World Trade Center had a traumatizing effect, especially those living in New York.

It should be Tower of Doom - the one you have to climb and take forge scrolls, etc. NOT the Invasion towers that needs to be taken down/break.


This. And also, it’s clear that nothing in this game is meant in any way to replicate the Twin Towers, or even hint at them. Yes, I’m American, yes I was an adult when the towers went down, yes I vividly remember the trauma. But this is nothing like that.


IP2 is from Australia, 505 Games from Italy. No connection to anything that happened 20+ years ago on the other side of the world. No matter how tragic it was. So this should be closed/deleted.


Thats insensitive af. Human tragedy is universal. The coincidence, while unfortunate, should be addressed

Hi all,

This is purely a coincedence. Due to the cadence of the live event schedule, those 2 events happened to land around 9/11. We would never purposely be insensitive about such a tragic event.

I’ve raised this with the team to see if we have any wriggle room to consider moving the event schedule around.


Give us another gnome event and we’ll call it even. No harm no foul


Never insinuated intentional. Coincidence of course. But nonetheless many people have their opinion on this. There have been other world events that caused schedule adjustments.

Here is an idea. Do a 1 day vault event on 9/11 then start towers on the 12th.

Short people may get offended…


Just waiting for this thread to be locked…


Hello :slight_smile:

Closing this thread as it involves a sensitive topic and the original matter has already been discussed/responded to.

Please keep things civil!


Just here to share the outcome from this feedback:

We acknowledge that the naming of our live events as well as the goal of the Invasion event is a little unfortunate when they happen to overlap with historical events. There’s obviously no intentionality there, but as these events do run as a (relatively) set schedule, sometimes they will have dates that have crossover. We have in the past responded to real-world events as they have occurred, but as a general rule, our preference is to keep the schedule fairly stable with regards to historical events.