Event schedule on Christmas

Please change the weekend event on 23st. From Invasion to something that is not a guild event. Im suspecting most of our players will be spending time with their loved ones and not playing stupid match three game.


solution: skip event

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uhhhhhhhhh Welp not me I’m getting the Oled switch for Christmas and playing it at my Grandma’s house on Christmas day. Until my family actually starts the Christmas games we play every year I’m going to be playing my new switch getting the hang of joycons cause I’m on a lite and hv no joycons.

This weekend is Arena while next weekend (Christmas weekend) is Invasion. It would be so much better if the devs would swap those two weekend events.


That would actually be fantastic.

Think that can still be done?

@Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan

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There are a lot of people who play Gems of War who do not observe Christmas. And while I’m sure it’s likely a plurality, and while there’s a fair amount of Christmas “recognition” from the developers between pets and other events, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the developers should amend the events schedule to work around Christmas as opposed to certain other holidays.

Mind you, I wouldn’t object to an Invasion/Arena swap either. Even though I don’t observe Christmas (or pretty much any other holiday). But my selfish personal reasons boil down to the Saturday Cosmetic Pest Rescue Redux this weekend and wishing to have less of an opportunity for that to neutralize any benefit from a Pest Gnome. Even if I do have most of the “regular” pests at Level 20 and am part of a guild that spawns Pest Rescues on a very regular-ish basis.

I don’t celebrate Christmas myselfy, either, but many of my players do. Or they at least use the time to spend with family.

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Heyas, I’ve given this feedback to the team. I’ll let you all know what the plan is before the weekend.


Have you considered, that moderators
a) have to read everything that gets posted in their responsible forum areas anyhow
b) can be reasonably expected to turn off comment notifications within their first week
c) might feel mistaken for IRC bots, if they had to react every time, they are adressed directly

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a) the question is: do they really? highly doubted. in this case here, the tags most likely were done to make sure “it isn’t forgotten” the next day in this time sensitive matter.
otherwise we have a number of currently un-acknowledged bugs that are occuring ingame that are publicly known but probably aren’t even being worked on internally. For some bugs there even were announcements that “testing is in progress” - but since months not a single comment to the current status, despite asking about it again with tagged messages. So, are we being lied to on certain things or how do you explain such radio silence?
I personally have a bug report ticket open since over 1.5 years. two of the above tagged “moderators” have at some point taken over this bug report and after my answers to their questions since months again abandoned helping me without solving my bug report. there’s clear patterns…

b) if certain moderator accounts are being tagged to a important topic/bug noone can afterwards say “but we didn’t know”.

c) to me personally sometimes the answers or announcements feel like “bots” with regular mistakes and wrong informations due to possibly just copy/paste of text. happens. it is what it is.

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Who ruined your breakfast?

Tagging mods on urgent matters may not make sense to you but if they wanted that to not happen, don’t you think they could and wild say so?

They never did.

Rather they are more likely to show up when they get tagged.

Weird, huh?

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Just confirming tagging mods generally doesn’t get you a faster response, we’re checking almost every thread every day (outside of ie. Guild recruitment threads).

I will generally see you tagged me while I’m already in the thread reading it before I see a notification for it - we are pinged a lot across every platform we work on so they become noise rather than helpful alerts.

We get more pings than we can physically keep up with as a human being with 8 hours in our work day.

Obviously we check for PMs but we only reply to PMs on the forum if it’s about an issue between forum users (arguments, threats, privacy issues etc), or something else that should be done in private (ie. maybe we asked for an invite code or an email).

Because you mentioned it: we have in the past asked players to not ping us and explained it doesn’t make a difference but it is what it is, and that’s ok.

I think we should keep it on topic in this thread though please.

I usually only ping when something is urgent - from what I’ve seen people have handled it that way.

I’m used to pinging mods to alert them to something important because there’s usually too much on forums, servers etc to keep up with every single thing.

But if it doesn’t help because it doesn’t fit your workflow, I’ll not do it anymore. Not because I got barked at but because a mod told me it doesn’t help.

On the topic, there isn’t much right now. Waiting for feedback from your team, hoping for some good news for everyone who does anything on Christmas.


Here’s another option. Maybe your guild doesnt get all the rewards that weekend. It’s not a big deal. Like you said, “It’s a stupid match 3 game”. It doesnt matter at all.

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Hey folks, update!

We have changed this weekend to the Invasion weekend and the Christmas weekend will be the Arena weekend.

Generally we actually see an uptick in active users over Christmas, due to people having more time off to play games. But this way everyone has the option to play or not without feeling any pressure to contribute to a guild event if they celebrate Christmas.



Thank you, Kafka. Greatly appreciated.

Awesome, thank you! :heart:

Interesting that more people play during Christmas. I guess those who do won’t mind so much.

Oh, hey!

Just to be on the safe side - please make sure that the weapon gets the release date changed as well.

Wow, thank you!

And to think I was just coming here because I thought of a backhanded joke about Arena, but now I’ll just go to bed knowing I can enjoy time with the family.

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

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Oh great… now I have to do that stinking Arena, the time waster, on that weekend… I wanted invasion, invasion, invasion (Nas voice)

Nah, seriously having some fun here, as I’m only kidding. I’m honestly trying to test out my upset cry baby tone. :rofl:

For me it doesn’t matter but for those who it does matter I hope they enjoy their holidays and stay safe.


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