When is Tower of Doom going to show up?

i need to upgrade my Doom weapons lol. So when does Tower of Doom going to appear?


Green tower is scheduled for 21st of March. Tower events happen between campaigns, so 4-5 per year.


Thank you sls! Lol :slight_smile:

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sortir les tours tous les 3 mois c’est vraiment peu on ne veut vraiment pas qu’on évolue dans ce jeu c’est vraiment décourageant

We need Tower instead of Raid Boss, Invasion, or Bounty.

Drae i disagree it should be arena event they ditch

It would be better to have the arena event on a tues and the old fa,s on weekend rota so as newer players can have the time to get pure done.

Maybe this way the devs could introduce a way on a tues lets say for eg the arena the final reward could be doom scrolls just a couple a week to win just a thought