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Tower of Doom event icon looks squished

Very small, very bite-sized piece of feedback.

Per the title, the ToD event icon when clicking on the ‘Guild’ button from the World Map appears somewhat vertically squished to me. I don’t recall the Council of Chiefs event icon looking like this, and in fact I thought that one looked pretty good.

I guess continuing on the updated graphical theme, the Guild Wars emblem seems a little small, maybe?

On a more general note, I think the updated size of these event banners makes more visual sense when they’re all visible, and there aren’t 1-2 of them blacked out - this may have been more noticeable last week, when Guild Wars was at the bottom, and so the spacings looked a bit weird without the clear distictions that appear when you can properly see them. Maybe I’m playing with the brightness too far down on my screen, but I think it perhaps still stands?

For the Horde.


If you’re hero is equipping a Mace or Hammer, then it should be squished. Huzzah!!

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