Give events recognizable icons

The event shortcut buttons are a nice way to quickly enter an event, but you have no idea what event will open when you click one. The icons and description give no hint about what event is meant.
For Tower of Doom we now have some heart icon, but how is that logic for this event. Why not an icon with a tower?
For pet rescue it is correct with a claw of an animal. Please be creative like that with all icons AND/ OR change the description of the icon from “event” into “ToD” and so on.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your screenshot and suggestion @Pim

Your idea is really good!
As such, please note that I’ve created a Quality of Life request for more distinguishable event icons for the development team to put into consideration.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s not just the icons but how most of them only say “event” that’s part of the problem currently.

  • Holiday events have a confetti popper icon but only say “Event
  • Weekly Guild events have a Guild Trophy icon but only say “Event
  • Tower of Doom has the aforementioned icon but only says “Event
  • Class Trials have a crossed spears icon but only say “Event
  • Raid Boss has a squidface icon and actually says “Raid Boss”