Total Towers Question

What is the total number of towers in Invasion that must be destroyed to reach the final reward? I am trying to determine what is a fair Guild requirement because the Guild (not public) leaderboard is severely lacking in other information.

If a Developer reads this, Additional Guild only leaderboard Information like: Tier Bought, Sigils remaining in inventory, Valravens killed, etc… Would be nice.


All of the things you have asked for would be very nice, many guilds are struggling how to handle requirements for these events.

I hope someone can post all of the levels, but I swear if I dig in the Invasion threads someone did a screenshot post for it. I’ll go digging and come back if I find something.

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Towers needed to destroy to unlock all rewards are 5,250. For a full guild that translates to 175 per member. Of course some will do more, some less but i’m trying to assess if it can be achieved by buying only tier 2. Of course full participation would needed for that.


@Vasilisk is correct, 5250 total towers and 175 towers each guild member if it is a full guild. Tier 2 maybe possible but that depends on defeating all towers and benefiting from any extra sigils, as well as all guild members doing the same. Tier 3 seems the safe bet to allow for leeway in case battles are lost or not all towers are defeated.


As much as that would be good information (even if its for the Guild leader only), I get the feeling they would never implement it as a way to protect from shaming players for buying too much or “not enough”.

Also just as a warning, plan above the guild req. At any given week, its very unlikely all 30 players will ever hit the min requirement to close all portals dirt cheaply. Some people just don’t care. or life stuff may occur, or people might lose more on a harder week, or other reasons.

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I like the idea of potentially making it easier to track overall Guild progress via Live Events, but what specifically would you find useful? I do worry that showing Sigils remaining, Tier bought etc would be harsh and a bit unnecessary.


The Raid/Inv/Bounty Global (public) leaderboard is just fine as is.

So in GW you display what sentinels Guildmates have purchased with Gems (and resources), not to opponents (the correct choice). In addition to that, How many battles a player fought for the day/week (so you can tell how many remain). How many GW points they earned. All good info, I personally don’t think theses examples are “too harsh or unnecessary”. So please don’t remove the Guild Wars info because of the same reasoning.

For the Guild menu you display how many Seals a player collected, gold contributed, trophies won. All useful information. These are some more examples of the ‘type’ of activity information that is missing from the Guild leaderboard on the new events. (please don’t remove Seals/Gold/Trophies from the Guild menu either)



I think tiers purchased and # of battles fought would be a reasonable and equivalent amount of information for the new modes. Guilds are struggling to enforce any kind of reasonable level of effort since the only thing that is measured is total score.

Some guilds would like to enforce a level of effort like “use all your free sigils”, or “buy tier 2 and do all your battles to the best of your ability”, but you can’t tell what someone has actually contributed to the group effort.

Also, it isn’t “harsh or unnecessary” if expectations are made clear and agreed upon within the guild. I’ve been in guilds from hardcore to casual and no one gets upset as long as expectations are clear and consistent. With less information available, this adds more stress to guilds because there is greater concern about free-riders.


+100 to this, The whole guild can see progress of other members in GW but Raid/Invasion info is lacking.

Being a Guild Leader it would be useful to see how many sigils other members have left more than anything I think. Would let us see progress on these modes without having to ask.

Don’t really need too much more detailed stats but would be good to know how much potential progress members have without the data being too intrusive/


I’m collecting feedback, not seeking things to remove from the game, such as removing Seals/trophies from Guild menu would be very silly :thinking: I guess my use of the words “harsh and unnecessary” was ambiguous in agreeing with the Idle Ones’ comment in a roundabout way in order to promote discussion.

Thanks for the suggestions, all.


I’m sure @Rickygervais and @anon43026234 would like this.

Thank you. I did not agree with Idol’s take, and rather than go back and forth with him, I decided to point out directly to you: your team already currently provides almost this EXACT SAME type of info in GW that I was requesting for the new modes.

I’m very glad you saw the “stillness” or removing critical information from both for GW and the Guild Menu. That was my point (sorry it was so indirect).

It seems like you have the feedback you need. Thank you.

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There is no reason to include additional information. You can already see what you need to see: the number of towers that person cleared.

If they get to their fair share (175, I believe) then they have done their job. If not, they “owe” the guild some more input.

If they get to their fair share having bought only Tier II, for example, what business is that of yours? The only thing that benefits you is the tower count and you already have that information. No change is necessary here.

Change is definitely necessary here, with the additional information guild members could see whether they need to do more battles to finish portals or wait on their guildmates.


That information is already present.

Have you done your 175? Yes? Then you are done; do more if you like, but your obligation is finished.

Has a guildmate not yet done 175? No? Then they owe more to the guild. You should contact them.

Number of battles remaining is immaterial to tower obligation.

There is no information whether a fellow member has bought a certain tier and has sigils remaining that would indicate their intention to complete remaining sigils, so additional info would indeed be helpful.

Why would the tier they bought be information you should have?

Here’s the scenario:
“Hey, I see you only bought Tier II.”
“Yeah? I got my 175 towers. Is there a problem?”
“Well, it took others more Tier purchases to get their 175, so they resent your ‘underspending’.”
“Well, I resent the notion that their sloppier running of the event makes you think I should spend more because I was more efficient.”

How do you avoid this resentment? Don’t publish the Tier purchase level. It’s none of your business anyway.

How many sigils they have left might be helpful information (maybe), but the Tier purchase level should not be public. Only the final performance matters, and that is already published.


Not necessarily. Example: i bought tier 4. My guild has a req of 140. I completed that req on tuesday (i’m 90% sure, if not it was wednesday), and i’ve been sitting on my remaining sigils since i finished my req the second battle of that day. I have sigils, i bought tiers, but i have no intention of spending those sigils. It was pretty much the same last week. I hit 15k damage and was done with sigils left.
No one should be shamed into doing more than the guild’s req. What we have displayed now is sufficient. Easiest way to figure out if you need to buy another tier: is it sunday? Has everyone done their req? Is the portal still open? Do i care? And then you decide if it’s worth it. These events aren’t like GW in that daily participation does not matter. We had someone not do anything all week til last sunday then do their req. That hurt no one. All additional info does is put undue pressure on people who are trying to not spend a lot of gems or don’t like doing the new events so prefer not to do more than the minimum req.

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I can sympathize with those underachieving players that want to keep as much information hidden from the Guild as possible.

For example poor performers in GW would probably prefer to not be known. For example they would not like Sentinels they purchased to be displayed (EXACTLY like Tiers purchased is not displayed), or how many battles they have remaining in GW (EXACTLY like Sigils remaining has not been included).

@MrRodster if that is a legitimate “scenario” in your Guild, I feel bad for you.

Try reading my scenario more carefully.

The person who wants the information hidden is the one whose performance required less of an initial purchase. That’s not an “underachiever”. That’s a “star”. That “star” does not want to feel pressure to arbitrarily purchase more to make others feel better. If your guild lacks stars, I feel bad for you.

Also, the GW analogy is poor. There are two important differentiating factors.

First, GW sentinel purchases affect higher guildmates directly by increasing the stat boosts of higher guildmates. Failure to contribute to sentinels makes higher guildmates less potent. In the P2W Event (Raid/Invasion/Bounty, they’re the same event…) the only measure is damage/kills. Tier purchases only give more attempts, thus having only an indirect effect on your guildmates. Very different.

Second, GW scoring is vastly different than the P2W Event. GW success is relative to the performance of other guilds, but P2W Event success is to reach a fixed total. In GW, every point counts, every last little bit contributes. In the P2W, every battle has a maximum possible outcome, and the event is finished (for the guild) once the final portal is closed. Purchasing sentinels increases your score in each battle; purchasing tiers increases the number of battles. The information requirements for these very different events are very different.

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