(New) Weekly Invasion - Guild reached 16?

Quotes from posts on Official News at reset :-

“Are the reward tiers really set correctly? It’s still 1 point for each tower, 2 when using Slughoarder? I don’t see any guild even getting close to reward 12 now, let alone reward 16, unless they spend a crazy amount of extra effort.”

“It’s def not calculated correctly, yet another mistake.
667 towers are required PER GUILD MEMBER right now.”

As GL of an average active guild which generally has no trouble reaching the final reward for the weekly event, I can report that there is no way we will make reward 16.

Admittedly the final few are not attractive and not worth investing gems additional to what used to be the norm for us to reach the final reward.

Was just interested in how many AVERAGE guilds will make it this week.

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How many members do you have and how many bought headstart and heroic offers?

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We finished 16 a few days ago?!

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Buying weapon tier by all members should get you there
Having 1-2 gem whales should also allow some members to slack

We finished up to 16 early on Saturday with 29 members.

That’s what Invasion started out with at the beginning of the week. The numbers have been lowered, from 20000 towers total to 17500 towers total.

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We had 29 players in the guild and finished today. Half of the players bought 5+ tiers.

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Tier 4 got a member to 576 today. So if that happens to enough members the guild could be short at the end of the week.

Our guild has 29 members, hp ranging from 1113-1641. We should finish 14 today, may edge into 15. About half the guild has boughf higher tiers than notmal.

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Why is my invasion score not changing by 8 like it was yesterday with slughoarder on the team?

Disregard. I found the problem, operator reading.

My guild runs 1000s-1600s, with a couple higher member levels, active enough to close weekly (and guild w/e) events. We finished reward level 13 this am; no way we’re going to close 16. It’s too expensive – and time-consuming.

And, frankly, boring. The devs couldn’t bother to go to L400? They couldn’t throw in a randomizer for different teams at L398? --I’m not buying any argument that the opposing teams are tied to the battle level – they mix them up enough for L12 explores.

If you are in a guild with few people then perhaps join a guild that has one or 2 openings and you will be way more successful in completing the events. There are a lot of dead guilds with folks asleep that for whatever reason folks stay in. Not sure why folks put up with a GM not correcting this situation when there are plenty guilds that would add you.