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Invasion top scores, how is it possible? [solved]

nobody in my guild could explain it, so any one on the forum (image is from yesterday)

How is that possible ? I mean it’s more then 6.55 towers per levels. (even if 144 is the max level that means repeat it a lot of time)
Is there a way to buy endlessly sigils in the shop with gems or somewhere else (I didn’t buy the last two highest slots in the invasion shop).
Or is that insanely lucky sigils drop rate ?!? (but in that case, that make the competition for the first place no more a game of strategy & skills & investment, but just a heavy game of chance :frowning: )

yes bcuz p2w be number 1 is a thing now :sob:


You can buy tier 7 as many times as you like.


ok thanks for the info fishinia

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That is the whole goal now is to chase a top spot and get a crap reward, it’s such a waste of time too bc per battle you are getting nothing much at all.


More things cost gems nowadays… and we get less gems than we used to. Very dirty! Why cant the tiers cost glory or gold or maps or traitstones?


It’s possible through sheer will, determination, oh and a boatload of gems!



The towers per level being greater than 4 means that there were a non-zero number of losses where the level had to be repeated.

i.e. lvl100 you kill three towers, lose, do it again, kill four towers, proceed to lvl101. lvl100 netted seven towers - at the cost of two sigils.

Its not efficient.