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Invasion rewards requiring too few tower kills

Platform, device version and operating system

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Invasion rewards require too few tower kills. It looks like the intended number should actually be the sum of all preceding numbers, e.g. kills required for reward 11 should be the kills for reward 1 to 11 instead of 300.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This weeks Invasion. It’s actually the reverse bug of the previous Invasion, were totals for kills were summed up twice around.

Steps to make it happen again
Look at the Invasion reward screen, do the math.

Extra consideration
It’s probably not a good idea to retrofit numbers with most rewards already having been handed out. Call it an easy week, fix the numbers for the next Invasion.


I think they’ve already fixed it.

Are you new?

I woke up this morning and my guild is 2 stages lower than we were last night. Are we going to be able to collect those rewards again or did everyone just get shafted?

a guildmate wrote in chat that our stage 10 was are cleared this morning (in germany) now (14 o’clock) we are by stage 8 162/500…:neutral_face:

I am curious about that same thing. I am wondering if the higher guilds are going to get a 2nd greater orb for finishing the “new” goal, or if the guilds that didn’t complete the 1400 towers or w/e the number was before are going to miss out on the “easy” rewards that other guilds already got.

Was there even an official announcement? This feels like a reward for the higher ranked guilds to me.

Rewards cannot be collected for the second time. Once the portal is complete ‘anew’, the reward appears as already collected.


Why the heck would anyone announce this on the forum? It will get ninja fixed. If only they had such urgency when fixing the dawnbringer arena issue…


So no reason to do invasiona again.

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Its already been fixed. Some guilds were able to collect the major orb yesterday congrats to them, i guess the rest of us will have to do a lot more work and spend a lot more gems. Seems fair…


Most guilds in the top didn’t realized the numbers and bought tier 4-5-6 for that legendary or mythic siegebreaker.

Yeah tired of the “we fix in the middle of the week and don’t care if it’s fair or not”.

Our guild was lucky to unlock the last reward, but it’s totally unfair for the the guilds who have most difficulty to finish reward 12…


So some guilds got all the prizes easy and others who didn’t spend 1500 gems or more each get the shaft? WTF is that?


Each player still has rewards to collect for all of the stages so even if it is all completed it’s worth doing to get a few gems back.

I don’t think you have to spend 1,500 gems to complete it either.

Did your guild finish all of the prizes before they got fixed?

We were 100 short of the 12th stage when I signed off for the day, so back to the 9th for us and I made it myself to the 5 or 6th stage before running out of the sigils. I spent up to tier 3 to collect the new weapon.

So you got the prizes for 9 10 and 11 and had to only put in half the effort of a guild who didn’t get that far. I’m not blamimg you but I would hope you can understand why I find that unfair

No man left behind dude. His guild will probably play all battles and spend some gems, not everybody collected the prizes yesterday.

Uggh… Thats not the point.

I never said it was unfair, I agree, it’s like pulling the rug out from under your feet, but at first glance you could tell something was off and likely to be fixed anyways.

Last invasion the numbers were off and fixed within a day so why wouldn’t this be caught?

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