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Total Renown Gold Income per day seems really low

The rewards from Total Renown are a fixed amount handed out daily. There are three of them:

  • Income (gold/day)
  • Attributes
  • Random Ingots

The stats are clearly the absolute best reason to grind delves. I get a hefty bonus from my total renown. The ingots? Completely useless, which is terribly ironic, given that the players that have the highest total renown and receiving more and more ingots are also the players who need ingots the least. Does this look like I need ingots?

Then there is the gold. Currently I’m sitting at 1392 gold per hour. That’s 233,856 gold before tributes. I also get another 5000 gold per day from Revered on 4 days. And then there are the 7-day and Monthly rewards that occasionally hand out gold. All of these gold sources make the gold from Total Renown seem so abysmal.

I get 1720 gold per day from my Renown being nearly maxed (1730 is max currently). My goodness. 1720 gold per day? That’s my gold reward for having 22/23 factions maxed and one more missing only 190 points…

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, except I do. At max, 1730 gold would be 75 gold per day per delve. There are 34 kingdoms – my income from them is maxed. 1392 gold per hour is 33,408 per day, which is 982 gold per kingdom per day.

So… maxing out kingdoms gives me 982 gold per day per kingdom, but maxing out a delve only gives me 75 gold per day. That is insanely disproportional, not to mention that kingdom gold will increase over time as power level increases, but the 75 gold per delve per day is capped.


Unfortunately, factions are meant to drain gold, not reward it. And bury you in ingots.

Underworld denizens should fear your name and mine based upon our renown. Instead, they gaze upon us with a sense of ‘meh, more surface dwellars come to grind us to dust. Here, have some ingots’.

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I do appreciate the work you put in calculating these numbers. It certainly seemed off when I saw the difference between /hr and /day in the incomes. Needs a look, for sure.

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Gold is only part of the picture here. Kingdom tributes also include Souls, Glory, Gems…

Ingots are worth more than all of those, according to the daily gem deals. Don’t trust me, or the Devs, on the maths tho.

Frankly, the only reason i considered doing the factions are the skill points and their pets. All the other progressive rewards are ignored by me.

On a positive note, the rewards of the faction chests itself are a nice extra though, but those are obviously best to get by doing 3x lvl 50 per day. They really add up. Actually, they are infinite times worth more than one complete week of faction “progressive” rewards (the extra gold and ingots) and shards when you increase renown.

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