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Underworld Renown: It's not just for Ingots anymore

I’m rapidly approaching 40k Underworld Renown. Well, maybe rapidly isn’t quite accurate. It has taken some time. What will 40k Renown get me?

A Few Insignificant Rewards

30 Ingots a day. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screen shot of my Ingots, but I have more than a few.

I’ll also get 1200 gold a day. It’s a leap year, so that amounts to 439,200 gold. Phenomenal ROI. That will almost cover the costs of getting a Hoard to Lvl 100. If I budget treasures correctly, it will practically pay for itself.

An additional Stat Point

I’ll have +2 Attack, +4 Life, and +4 Armor. 4k more renown from getting +1 Magic.

And hopefully in the not-so-distant Future

But wait, there’s more: Under the Chunkymono Underworld Renown System, I’ll also get a 5% reduction per 10k renown to all enemy skills while using a pure faction delve team in underworld delves. As first developed in this thread,

Faction Delve teams are no longer impotent tools used in the pursuit of entertainment.

That’s right, for only 40k renown, you can reduce a level 500 faction opponent from 500 life and armor to only 400 each. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. I’m trying to be optimistic tho.


I’m confused. Is this post partial or full sarcasm or completely genuine?


Given the OP and the subject, I would say sarcasm. :smile:


Why can’t it be both? Shouldn’t renown count for something? It would appear I’ve developed a reputation here. Surely I’ve developed a reputation in the Underworld as well.

How many Elves must I bash in the Underworld before the rest just submit? Rhetorical. I’ll never stop bashing Elves. And Pand-Urskins. Sorry, it’s my nature.

I’ve adjusted the original post somewhat. Maybe it helps. For the Horde.

I was kidding you, @ChunkyMono

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“Social Justice Adventurer”? Is that what these Underworld dwellers think of me? Have I not recently slaughtered hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent beasts in the Werewoods? And what of the Harpies in Stonesong Aerie just this past Tuesday?

And during last weeks GW, did my Guildmembers and I not sack the Kingdom of Silverglade, and loot the Royal Family jewels?

Surely my Renown is not translating currectly. I shall have to make a bug report. Some other time, perhaps.

And as for this old hag accompanying me, did I complain when she and Tyri conspired to manipulate me? I’m asking because I don’t recall doing so. Nor do I recall complaining during this or any other questline.

Therefore, I find her ‘advice’ completely out of context and unwarrented. I would prefer her to either stay silent while I do her bidding, and thank me afterwards; or pick up a wahammer and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a fart as to what advice she thinks she is entitled to give.

I am Chunkymono, Snotling former Paragon of the Raiders, Breaker of Walls, and Destroyer of Doors. And I shall have my vengeance, in this coming GW or the next.


Bless her heart, @Saltypatra can’t win. Last Delve quest she was criticized by alleged “Social Justice Adventurers”, and now I’m criticizing her for confusing me with one. My bad.

My point was tho, I’ve toppled Kings in Urskaya, and rebuked Orc Chieftains in Grosh-Nak for their unwanted romantic advances. How many times have I had to avert an impending Daemon Apocalypse? Too many, Luther. Too Many.

I would like that the next time a quest giver asks for my assistance, that they stand there in their Mystical robes, and with their Hag shaped face, extend me some Gaard/Mang courtesy. But that is not realistic.

I played about 15 minutes of a Tell Tale game, and the interactions were always “x remembers what you said”. In the Mass Effect series, my choices mattered (until they didn’t. Still mad), and I’ve got the scars to prove it. In WoW, my reputation enabled me to become a Warlord of Draenor.

But this is a free to play match 3 game, and it is beyond the game’s scope for it to know my play style. But couldn’t my Renown stand for something other than Ingots, Gold, and a skill point here and there?

I say yes, but understand that I am in the minority. Therefore, I will now return to bashing Elves, Fey, Lapinas, and Blue Mana users. Sorry for my rants. For the Horde.