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Anyone have a total renown reward table?

I am looking to see if anyone has a table with the renown rewards earned by total renown. I searched the form for 40 minutes looking, but was coming up empty. I am sure someone has done this work already. If anyone would not mind sharing, it would he appreciated!

Renown Sheet to 44k|

Edit: Quick Sheet Created, nothing special with format.


The pattern is repeated, with every 250, 500, and 750 renown granting plus 10g per day. Every 1, 2, and 3k grants plus 1 random Ingot. Every 4k grants a Skill point in the order that incrreasing the Treasure Hoard does.


I don’t think a complete table exists - several months ago, Sirrian was talking about possibly including cool new rewards for high renown totals. I don’t think that idea went anywhere, but it indicates that everything wasn’t finalized at that time.

Based on the 45k renown currently possible, it looks like the stat bonuses for maxing all delves will be

8/8/4/1, just a few hundred renown short of +2 magic.

Hopefully someone can correct me if I’m wrong - I might be misremembering.

Yah, so the only thing I found was the original data from launch. It doesn’t go into the stat bonuses and what order. So I didn’t want to guess.

250 Gold +10
500 Gold +10
750 Gold +10
1,000 +1 random Ingot
1,250 Gold +10
1,500 Gold +10
1,750 Gold +10
2,000 +1 random Ingot
2,250 Gold +10
2,500 Gold +10
2,750 Gold +10
3,000 +1 random Ingot
3,250 Gold +10
3,500 Gold +10
3,750 Gold +10


and I found the info on the zendesk.
Permanent Skill bonuses are awarded at every time you earn an additional 4,000 Renown


Unfortunately I can’t get spreadsheets to work, or I’d set something up.

I couldn’t even use Timeknight’s hoard optimization sheet, which is unfortunate, because it looks very useful.

Sorry I wasn’t more help, but Zendesk got the order for you at least.

All I remember is at 40k, you’ll get 30 ingots, 1200 gold a day, and all but the +1 Magic, which hits at 44k. Maybe there’s a formula there.

Linked to the top post if anyone wants to pull a local copy for themselves.

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