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Underworld renown

A guildie of mine completed the Tinker Town faction today, spent the gems to take it to 500 and do a pure run to ultimately get 2500 renown. He started with 58,030 renown but after completing Tinker Town today didn’t gain 2500 renown and now has a total renown of 59,970 when he should in fact have a total of 60,530

@Saltypatra @Kafka

Did he previously have 60 renown in Tinkertown and has he reset the game since in case it’s simply a visual glitch?

Silly but, could he add all the renown he has to make sure it matches value diplayed?

Ask your gildie to open Faction Info for Tinker Town and post a screenshot of Faction Renown. Wild guess, either forgot to upgrade hoard to level 100 or already had 560 points from previously upgrading and running level 20.

Renown before playing the faction today

After playing the faction. He said his tinker town was at 0 renown when he started as he was away the week it was released.

He restarted his game and that made no difference. Can ask him to add up all renown tomorrow

Send me his invite code, I’ll pull up his individual faction stats. If they add up to 59970 he started out with 560 and forgot about it, if they add up to 60530 something is messed up in the database.

Oh, wait, Console? I’m afraid I don’t have access to that data. :pensive:
The manual way to do it would be to add up the renown shown for each faction, that’s a bit work though.

I’ll get him to add it up tomorrow :relaxed: Hopefully he started with some and forgot and it isn’t a bug.

Those 560 missing points are a pretty prominent value, it’s what you get when upgrading your hoard to 100 and completing the delve on lowest level. Chances are quite good it’s not a bug, weird things have been observed to happen in the game though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: