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VERY rudimentary ROI (payback) spreadsheet/calculator for Kingdom Levels

This ONLY calculates how long it will take a kingdom’s level to pay for itself in gold.

For example, if you spend 8000 Gold to level a Kingdom, how many days until you see that 8000 gold paid back from tribute?

This does not include Home Kingdom or kingdom stars, nor does it assign any value to bonuses for Skills, souls, or glory.

Like I said, it’s very rudimentary.
It would be my great hope that someone else can find a use for it and make it better.
Maybe someone involved with this:

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@KAYA43V3R does great work. Maybe he can have a look?

I dont have it in me at the moment.

Most people are not really leveling kingdoms for the gold, so it’s of limited utility.

But I’m newish. After I got my 4x Magic kingdoms I wasn’t really sure what to do…

So I’m currently leveling everything that will pay for itself within 30 days.

At that point I’ll figure out if I want to go for Life or Attack and start getting some more kingdoms to 10.

My point being that this spreadsheet is probably only useful for players in a similar position, who aren’t sure where to go next.

just give me some times, and i can check this :slight_smile:

You’re the man :beers: