Renown Bonus Income Increase

+30 gold income per day per 1,000 renown is a bit… underwhelming to say the least.

What I propose is upping it to 300 per 1,000 renown so that it has a somewhat meaningful impact on your daily income. Because right now it most certainly doesn’t.

To give context → This change would raise the current maximum daily gold income increase from renown from 2,030 to 20,300.
Math → ( 30 x 67 + 20 = 2,030 ) ( 300 x 67 + 200 = 20,300 )
( This is with me factoring in the upcoming new faction, which will raise the max renown to 67,500. )


Commenting as well since I think/hope it brings more attention to the post. While the extra 18k gold is still underwhelming for having maxed out every faction, it shows how underwhelming the current bonus is.

Getting a kingdom to power level 1 already gives 100 extra gold a day. And to get that, you just need to:

  • Collect 2 kingdom troops
  • Upgrade 1 kingdom troop to level 5
  • Finish all kingdom quests

Which is essentially what we do when we open a faction (i.e. 0 renown). Yet after maxing that faction from 0-2500, which is usually arduous and costly (into the millions of gold and treasures), we get 50-60 extra gold per day to show for it.

Again, equating with kingdom power levels, 500-600 gold would be the equivalent of power level 8, which requires a more impressive amount of work/effort/time, much closer to what it takes to max a faction.


As I was thinking about this, I feel like adding a Chaos Shards per day or Treasures per day could help make renown rewards feel a little better.

More shards = more treasures and troops for people who are maybe still catching up.

More treasures helps even endgamers if said endgamers are looking to increase their hoards.

And for those who already have everything maxed, I realize shards and treasures are as useless as ingots, but I thought I’d suggest it anyway in case, from the devs perspective, an increase in gold (infinitely useful) is a non-starter whereas an increase to shards (inevitably useless) wouldn’t be.

Also seems thematically appropriate, for what that’s worth :laughing:

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Tokens per day. Probably be implemented in 2024 though… :slight_smile:

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I would keep the 30 gold per 1000 renown, but make it per tribute collected, not per day. I agree that the current system is pretty pathetic.


that’s not a bad alternative either.

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Yup I fully agree. Upping it to be equivalent to kingdom power lvls would be a much better alternative, for my gold wallet and for the sake of game balance. Probably not gonna happen but that would be preferable.

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