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Gold question - daily income and its sources

Today I tried to see what is in my daily income. I see “1155 / hr” in the top right corner, and I also see “Gold per Day from all Kingdoms: +27720”, when I open any kingdom info. And when I divide 27720 to 24, it is just 1155.

On the other hand, I summarized total income from kingdoms. For example: Divinion Fields give me 640 gold - 20 basic, 20 for quests completed and 600 for kingdom power (14). For all 34 kingdoms I collect 25920 gold per day.

From all factions I get 1000 gold per day, because my total renown is 33290.

But my total calculated is 26920, not 27720. What are 800 extra gold per day? Where do they come from? Did I miss something?

Daily log in bonus?

The daily login bonus is different, it does not count here.

Just a thought.

Someone from the devs team? @Kafka @Cyrup @Ozball could you please clarify? I’ve read the official guide on income and have not found answers.

I get 4% gold boost from pets.
If your boost is 3% you get 26920 x 0.03 which is 807. But I am guessing tbh.

My boost is 4%, so it must be 1077.

Then it’s a true mystery. Lol

No solution for this mystery still.

New data: I see a message: “Gold per Day from all Kingdoms: +28930” in any Kingdom info. On the other hand, my calculations show that I have +26920 gp from all kingdoms (kingdoms only, without factions) - that’s without applying Mini Mimic’s bonus, 5% for now. After applying it’s 26920 x 1.05 = 28266. Closer to 28930, but not equal.

But as I wrote earlier, we must also add income from factions, it’s 1170 gp per day for now, so in total it gives 26920 + 1170 = 28090. Difference is 840 gp. How is that? Again, @Cyrup, @Kafka, @Ozball, please, clarify gold incomes.

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Do you have an unfinished questline or something? Your daily gold from kingdoms is 2790 higher than mine, which shouldn’t be possible if all you have done is get more kingdoms to 15+ stars (a bump of 400 gold per).
Edit: for some reason, Broken Spire is only giving me 635 gold, not the 645 I was expecting. Wonder why it only gives 15 gold for quests instead of 25 like everywhere else.

In any event, my game says 25980 gold per day. My kingdoms give me 24130 (one at 445, six at 1045, and the rest at 645) 24120 (1 at 445, 1 at 635, 6 at 1045, and the rest at 645). I also get 1010 per day from factions, for a difference of 840. It is probably significant that I get the same result you do. 850?

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All quests are finished. Let’s walk by categories:

  • 680 basic income (+20 for each kingdom)
  • 840 gold for all quests (mostly +25 from a kingdom, but only +15 from Broken Spire, +20 from Darkstone and Divinion Fields each, and +35 from Khaziel)
  • 400 from Sin of Maraj (power 7)
  • 12000 - 600 from each of 20 kingdoms with power from 8 to 14
  • 13000 - 1000 from each of 13 kingdoms with power 15 and higher

What are your figures?

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Wrong. That’s what they are. I was hoping to not go kingdom by kingdom, but it seems that is to be my fate. Gimme a bit and I’ll get back to you.

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  • 680 basic income (+20 for each kingdom)
  • 850 gold for all quests (mostly +25 from a kingdom, but only +15 from Broken Spire, and +35 from Khaziel)
  • 400 from Sin of Maraj (power 7)
  • 16200 - 600 from each of 27 kingdoms with power from 8 to 14
  • 6000 - 1000 from each of 6 kingdoms with power 15 and higher

This brings me to 24130 gold per day, plus 1010 gold from factions. My game says 25980 per day, which means I am 840 gold short. Once again, the same amount as you.

Edit: my Darkstone and Divinion Fields both give me 25 gold like the rest.


And an additional mystery: why do we have different gold for quests in Divinion Fields and Darkstone? All quests are complete, challenges do not count here, factions too.

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Not all quest lines are born equal, some offer slightly different rewards.

Regarding gold income, while doing the Werewoods faction quest line I had the impression my hourly gold income increased slightly. I didn’t notice any income boost as part of the post battle rewards, I didn’t pay too much attention though. I’m unable to access the game from here, is the income summary for Maugrim Woods showing a higher quest contribution than, say, Ghulvania (which doesn’t have a faction quest yet)?

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For different players? Really?

For me - no. Urskaya (which has Werewoods), Silverglade (which has Silver Necropolis and got a hero class recently), Maugrim Woods and Ghulvania give +25 gold for quests each.

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I just collected hourly tribute within seconds of the notification. I got 65 gold from my home kingdom (Whitehelm, which sends me 1045 a day), and 1010 from the other 33 kingdoms. Times 24 gets me 25800 gold per day. Which is neither 24130 nor 25980, but it’s a lot closer to the latter.

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Doesn’t total faction renown give you a daily amount of gold?
Maybe I’m skimming but I don’t see you mentioning that source.

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Is the difference player based? The thread is hard to read, I had the impression that not all quest lines are offering the same extra daily income. How much quest based income are you getting for Darkstone and Divinion Fields?

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You are right, total faction renown gives daily gold.

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