How active are your guild members in Delves?

I’m wondering if my experience with members of my guild is typical or an outlier. I checked the total renown from the profiles of all members in my guild and this is what I end up with:

Top 3: 33370, 32020, 16940
Bottom 3: 860, 1750, 3365
Median: 7810
Mean: 7308.42

Looking at the numbers, only a couple of us are really serious about trying to comple all delves. Everyone else just delves a little bit here and there. Even including past members who quit due to burnout or real life getting in the way, I can count the number of serious delvers in one hand.


My guild (27/30)
Total : 232905
Top 3 : 26990 / 23250 / 22270
Bottom : 0 / 935 / 3395
Median : 5525
Mean : 8626.11

So, same result as you, only a few one

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I think you will probably see a similar trend across most guilds, as one persons participation in Delve doesn’t affect the other guild members. Delve is one of those things where you either really want to finish everything at level 500, or you literally couldn’t care less due to the a) time sink b) gold sink c) frustration with faction level 500 teams etc.

My personal score is around 33000, as a completionist Delve is definitely a mode I play , but without checking my other guild mates I can guarantee there are some players as low as 1000 that don’t care for Delve at all.


I didn’t even know you could see other members’ Renown, but given that it doesn’t affect anyone else, I don’t see the point.

I’ve only fairly recently started doing Delves, I’ve got two at Level 500 now and I’m working on my third, but it’s not a critical part of my game play as, frankly, it’s pretty tedious and it’s not really giving me anything in the way of resources etc that I’m desperate for.

I do the Faction Assaults simply to get the Orbs, but trying to get the Faction Teams to Level 500 is something I’ll leave for a long time in the future.


If you click on a player’s profile, you can then cycle between various tabs such as PVP, Delve etc, that show various statistics for that player. Delve tab shows overall points, highest points in top 3 delves, highest treasure level, average treasure level etc.

Top 3:     33,260 |  32,040 | 30,600
Bottom 3:  4,180 |  4,550 | 7,800

Mean:      19,821
Median:    17,023

I’ll play, since I’m curious where land in my guild for delve activity. I could already guess I was more active in delves than some other guild members based on discussions during new faction releases.

Top 3:     33,120 |  31,280 | 31,260
Bottom 3:  3,850 |  4,675 | 6,715

Mean:      20,270
Median:    18,817

While I’m not in the top 5 in my guild for total Faction Renown, I’m one of the few (2 or 3?) that has multiple delves maxed out (2,500). I’m not too surprised given how much time and gems you need to devote to completing them during the release weekends, or gold and sanity outside of new releases.

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Around 20K mean shows pretty solid participation across the guild, higher than I anticipated from people but with the greatest respect I have no idea at what level all of your guilds are in terms of league/gw ranking etc. Not my guild, but I’m interested to post the stats for the guild I am in (top 10 Xbox team) and will post later for comparison.

I am the leader of my guild. What’s a delve?


top 15 renown in my guild. (i am currently 3rd place)

PS: i like data :slight_smile:


Top 3: 37100, 36500, 35900
Bottom 3: 14025, 9248, 7585
Mean 24,481

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I’m assuming this is a serious question and not satire, in which case it is the kingdoms in the underworld. Click on the Krystara icon at the bottom in the middle of the home screen. In these kingdoms you earn renown points. A maximum of 2500 renown can be earnt in each kingdom. The points people are posting are the total renown points people have achieved across all underworld kingdoms, or ‘Delves’.

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