Top 50 Guild League Table History


That does sound better, and should be a great challenge :slight_smile:


Now THAT is the challenge I would like Unrepentant to accept: To be the 3rd guild that can consistently be in Bracket 1 and the Top 5 trophies every week

Accomplishing that in my opinion would be reaching our goal to be in the same class of Anonymous and Intrim.


Being in bracket 1 is all fine and good but winning it is the challenge.


Big numbers coming up all over the Top 50!

Congratulations to Anonymous for being the first guild to crack 2 million trophies, just after the top 10 all cracked 1 million and just before the top 50 all cracked half a million.

Interestingly, this ratio was similar when Anonymous were the first guild to 1 million trophies. The top 10 had 484,000 and the top 50 had 228k. And when the top guild (Anonymous again) had 500k, the top 10 had 260k and the top 50 121k.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Últimos Guardianes
  2. Anonymous
  3. Intrim
  4. TUF: Unrepentant
  5. DarkWarriors
  6. Tigerclaw
  7. Marshal
  8. Solophobia
  9. Dominant
  10. francaise

Seasonal Top 20 coming soon…


Seasonal rankings are based on trophies won between the 28 May 2017 and the 27 August weekly tables. Newer guilds only have trophies recorded since they reached the Top 50 (or in some cases re-entered the top 50), so their position on this table will be lower than actuality or they don’t appear in the Top 20 (this season).

Summer (Winter) 2017 League Top 20

 1   Anonymous             409,089
 2   Intrim                377,402
 3   Marshal               344,742
 4   TUF: Unrepentant      314,061
 5   Rock$tar              300,378
 6   francaise             296,280
 7   Dominant              286,745
 8   Solophobia            284,859
 9   Almost Epic           283,499
 10  Tigerclaw             245,728
 11  Últimos Guardianes    225,036
 12  Magix                 223,877
 13  Intrim II             222,649
 14  DarkWarriors          222,215
 15  Dragon's Peak         218,533
 16  Black Dragon          210,327
 17  Hoguns                207,207
 18  Eternal Empire        206,258
 19  Mean Machine          193,513
 20  Marthos Guardians     193,241


  • Últimos Guardianes’ count is from the first week they appeared in the top 50 on 25 June

Previous tables:
Winter (Summer) 2016
Spring (Autumn) 2016
Summer (Winter) 2016
Autumn (Spring) 2016
Winter (Summer) 2017
Spring (Autumn) 2017

Top 20 Dominant -GW Optional- 1500s/400k/300t, 40k seals, all tasks

If TUF:Abaddon was in the top 50, it’s 260K trophies for the season would put it at #10. Noting for next quarter at 351,286 trophies and #84. They will debut in top 50 late next quarter most likely

Are there other teams outside the top 50 that have their season trophy data to compare with, that would place high?

None Of The Above


As far as guild wars all it took was one player having a glitch and not being able to play their GW battles without an answer from support to make the difference between 12 (going to bracket 1) and 14 (stay in bracket 2).

Crap like this is why most people like the take the top 27 GW scores uniformly. I hope that goes in with 3.1

[In response to earlier exchange about top guilds and a challenge by Anonymous for Unrepentant to not just join the top 3 guilds in trophies, but to do well in GW also.]


Unity has sprung (or fallen) on mobile this week in the Top 50 update

As discussed with @Aelthwyn elsewhere on the forum, I believe the Top 50 trophy earning has clearly increased with the advent of 4x speed, but I will wait until I have a few weeks of mobile-Unity data before doing a full analysis - so stay tuned for that in a few weeks!

Certainly the average trophy-earning this week has been the second highest ever - only topped by the first full week of PC-Unity, so next week I expect a new highest average but it may depend on guilds choosing to push or not next week.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Tigerclaw
  3. Intrim
  4. Últimos Guardianes
  5. TUF: Unrepentant
  6. DarkWarriors
  7. Solophobia
  8. Marshal
  9. ratticlub11
  10. Magix


I think this might be Tigerclaw’s highest ever ranking on the Weekly Top 10. It’d be nice to be able to sustain that and say “look behind you Anonymous!”, but I think we were all inspired by our guest guild member who led the way. In perhaps heartening news to those coming up behind us, our two-week guild member exchange program has concluded and he has returned to his own guild. I look forward to next week’s results to see whether we continue to have been inspired. :slight_smile:


You have been ahead of Anonymous a good part of the week.
Good luck for next week. :slight_smile:


Tigerclaw has also achieved a feat no other guild has since I’ve been a member of TUF:Unrepentant. We’ve always past a team and never had a team catch back up to us. The closest to achieve that was Rock$tar, but even they failed. After a somewhat comfortable lead on Tigerclaw (like 1-1.5K), they reversed it and have an almost 4K lead on us.

It will be much more difficult for TUF:Unrepentant to close that 4K gap, than the 91K gap with soon to be #7 Marthos Guardians. Assuming it wasn’t all from their guest guild member. (In case a particular person misreads that, I’m not saying Marthos Guardians is #7, but that they will be soon. By soon, I mean this year.)


And how is that supposed to happen?


Tigerclaw and TUF:Unrepentant both passing them, unless what we saw recently was only temporary from Tigerclaw. Like what happened to intrim 2 recently.


I think there would be more parameters to take into account.


Many thanks for your continued work in this thread @actreal , it’s really motivating when you’re in a younger guild to be able to compare your progression to the top guilds in the game! I’m curious to see how next week’s numbers will look, after these latest changes… I expect our production to go down since we’ve had to replace a number of long-time contributors, I wonder if we’ll be the only guild in that situation or if it’s happening to everyone else too :confused:


Ready for it? It’s the Top 50 weekly update!

This week there was a definite increase in trophy-earning but how much is 4x speed on mobile and how much is the ludicrous winning speed of pre-nerf Fizzbang remains to be seen.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. Dominant
  4. Últimos Guardianes
  5. Marshal
  6. TUF: Unrepentant
  7. Marthos Guardians
  8. Tigerclaw
  9. Solophobia
  10. DarkWarriors


thank you for your words of encouragement, we are 7th this week :joy:


Fizzbang was new and fun at least for a moment. It really wasn’t as fast as some standard teams. A good number of us lost interest after it was changed.


Yeah 1800 of my 2300 trophies for the week were the first three days with fizzbang. It was fast before the nerf.


It’s here: the Weekly Top 50 update!

This week we welcome Power Gems to the Top 50, and if it seems like a while since we had a new guild join us, that’s because it has been 9 weeks since the last new guild (ratticlub11). This is by far the longest streak without a new guild ever, but as the Top 50 collectively accumulate more trophies, perhaps the rate of new entrants will continue to slow down.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Últimos Guardianes
  3. Anonymous
  4. Magix
  5. TUF: Unrepentant
  6. Solophobia
  7. Marshal
  8. Rock$tar
  9. Tigerclaw
  10. DarkWarriors