For the record books :gem_doomskull:


TOP 15 In less than 20 months of creating the guild from scratch. :grinning:

Special thanks to current and former members of AWR.
As well as Gems N Roses, Fear the RNG and Rage Against the RFG (in development). I’m super proud of the great work ya’ll did this week!
Next goal… Top 10! :wink:

Top 10 in 21 months

Congrats to everyone involved. It’s a remarkable achievement in such short period of time.


Awesome job! Congrats!


Congrats AWRyan !






Congratulations that is impressive. You must have some crazy hard core gem players! I’ve been building a guild very ‘hard’ for the last 13 months or so and we just cracked rank 29 with just over 550k trophies on PS4 I can’t even imagine getting the guild to get that many trophies in just 20 months!


Awesome achievement guys. Nordic Vikings have done the same on PS4 in 579 days. Achieved number 1 and hit 2.5m trophies today so I totally understand the commitment and drive needed to work as a team :slight_smile:


On Xbox that would put you in the 3rd spot. Nice work.


Way to go Mr. Ryan :wink: