Top 50 Guild League Table History


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays the Top 50 update!

The weekly record was shattered this week with Intrim earning more than 100,000 trophies since last week. If I didn’t know they were a focused lot, I’d assume I had a display bug. Congratulations to Intrim on a stupendous effort.

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. TUF: Unrepentant
  4. Últimos Guardianes
  5. Solophobia
  6. Intrim II
  7. Marthos Guardians
  8. DarkWarriors
  9. Hoguns
  10. Rock$tar


So proud of my intimates! An amazing team effort from an amazing bunch of people. Thanks for the report Actreal. Stellar job, as usual :blush:


Oh my! Damn autocorrect. *intrimates :flushed: Thanks for pointing it out @TitnSioli


With only two Intrim in the top 100 PVP , guess that is a whole lot of Arena played. Guess I need to train myself on how to play that part of the game.


You need to forge Dawnbringer. That mythic weapon is the key to farm trophies incredibly fast.


Got it, but I have played Arena twice and not my game.


You didn’t mention that there is a new guild in the top 50 this week again. :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of people might be proud of their intimates, but this board is not usually where they mention it. :rofl:


I don’t always mention every thing of interest every week. I’ve got to leave some surprises for those who actually check out the table. :yum:


Auto-correct is the devil :roll_eyes:


I love auto-correct. It gives me inappropriate thoughts I wouldn’t have otherwise. For my writer self, that’s great. Before autocorrect, you had to rely on misheard things to get something super wacky.


It’s the thread that always gives you what you want, because what you want is the Top 50 weekly update!

Get it while it’s hot…

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. Últimos Guardianes
  4. Intrim II
  5. Marthos Guardians
  6. Hoguns
  7. Solophobia
  8. Dominant
  9. DarkWarriors
  10. Rock$tar


Congratulations to Intrim on reaching the big 2 million mark, the aim of their big push for trophies over the past two weeks. :smiley:


The one, the only Top 50 weekly update!

Weekly Top 10:

  1. Intrim
  2. Últimos Guardianes
  3. Dominant
  4. Anonymous
  5. DarkWarriors
  6. Intrim II
  7. Solophobia
  8. Rock$tar
  9. Hoguns
  10. TUF: Unrepentant


Come and get it! The Top 50 weekly update!

Big numbers this week from a number of guilds. Having seen comments about Dawnbringer and Arena over the last few weeks, I’d be interested to hear from the big trophy earning guilds whether Arena is now a material source of trophies or is it still all about the PvP?

Weekly Top 50:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. Últimos Guardianes
  4. Magix
  5. Rock$tar
  6. Solophobia
  7. Dominant
  8. TUF: Unrepentant
  9. Marshal
  10. Intrim II


For trophy arena > PvP.


Was gonna say barely see much top guilds in pvp leaderboards :wink:


It’s not just Dawnbringer. Runic Blade is slower than Dawnbringer in Arena, but it’s still faster (for me anyway) to use Runic Blade in Arena compared to PVP for trophies… But more importantly: With Runic Blade in Arena I get more varied oppenent troops to play than in PVP so I have more fun playng the game.


For us at Últimos Guardianes I would say PvP is still the main source of trophies, perhaps because not many in the guild (less than 5 people, I’d estimate) have gotten Dawnbringer yet, I’m still collecting souls for it myself.

Arena is still a somewhat faster source of trophies even with Runic Blade (unless you run into 4 or 5 Dawnbringer matches, which really slow down the runs), and it’s great for souls… but PvP returns are much better in terms of gold and glory, if you don’t let the current troll/kraken infestation get to your nerves.

In short, I’d guess arena only makes up for the bulk of weekly trophies in those few guilds composed of a majority of end-game players with Dawnbringer, but maybe I’m wrong and our guild is just the exception! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah Casual is still a thing. I’ve racked up some good amount of defense wins from you guys