Guild Wars Leaderboard Spreadsheet

I figured it would be cool to keep an archive of the weekly Guild War Top 20 standings.

Here is the spreadsheet.

It has two filter views: FilterByRank and FilterByPoints.

For those that don’t want to browse the spreadsheet:

Listed By Rank:

Listed By Points:



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I can cover bracket 2 or 3 (dont know in which of those 2 we will be placed at start)


Thanks @DonBoba :slight_smile:

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As I understand it, the leaderboard will show the top guilds each week and the brackets are just each successive group of 10 in the list (since you can’t do worse than rank at the bottom of your bracket). It seems like you should be able to just pull the top 50 performers and then break them into brackets based on groups of 10. I don’t think managing it requires getting screenshots; it seems like getting the data very similar to the trophy rankings list that @actreal maintains.


I agree with @Delinquent. If you look at the Ranking tab in Guild Wars, there’s a “Show Top” button. I would expect this to show the top 50 (or maybe 100) guilds in Guild Wars.

I too think it would be cool to record the GW top guilds - go for it, @Ashasekayi! :smiley:


I didn’t notice the “Show Top” button. :sweat_smile:

So, if it gives a listing, that should be easy enough to handle.

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The first week of Guild War Top 20 rankings have been posted in the OP.


@Ashasekayi did you give up updatig it?

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Well, I missed two weeks of data because I had planned to quit the game. Instead of quitting, I went more casual.

Anywho, I can update the list with this week’s scores later. (If anyone has screenshots from the past two weeks, I can add that data in as well.)


Bracket 1 - Top 10

May 21, 2017

1. Anonymous
2. Intrim
3. Dragon's Peak
4. Stratagem
5. Tyrant
6. Marthos Guardians
7. Black Dragon
8. Black Pearl
9. Match Masters
10. Tigerclaw

The spreadsheet in the OP has been updated with scores from last week. (Bracket 2 is included in the spreadsheet.)

REMINDER: The first page has two filter views: FilterByRank and FilterByPoints.

Also, a history sheet has been added.


We need something like this for console as well. Any volunteers?